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New Saxophones

New Saxophones

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  1. Château Antique Finish Straight Soprano

    Château Antique Finish Straight Soprano Learn More
  2. Château Copper & Brass Antique Finish Alto

    Château Copper & Brass Antique Finish Alto Learn More
  3. Château Professional Handmade Black On Black Alto

    Château Professional Handmade Black On Black Alto Learn More
  4. Château Professional Handmade Chocolate Distressed Tenor

    Underneath the unique, dark brown vintage finish is a durable, rib constructed, yellow brass body. Accompanying the distressed finish, this tenor features luxuriant flower engraving and a large bell flare. Dual arms for Low C, C#, B, and Bb for added durability. Learn More
  5. Château Red Brass Tenor

    Out of stock

    Château Red Brass Tenor Learn More
  6. Château Student Tenor

    Finished in a gold lacquer, this student tenor is constructed of a durable yellow brass body. Included is a deluxe brown, hard-shell case. A great value for a young saxophonist. Learn More
  7. Keyless Overtone Saxophone

    Starting at: $310.00

    Many great saxophonists practice playing the overtone series on the saxophone to strengthen their physical and aural abilities on the instrument. It's also a fun instrument which can be played quite beautifully in the same style as a bugle. The family of overtone saxophones can be played in a very unique ensemble. Available in Curved Soprano, Alto and Tenor. Learn More
  8. Saxgourmet Super 400 I Alto

    The Super 400 is constructed from rose brass, which gives it a complex tone and quick response. The spectrum of overtones is much larger, and the dynamic range is significantly bigger. The large bore and big bell give the Super 400 tremendous projection and presence. Each Super 400 comes with two necks to give the player two entirely different tonal bases to work with. The #1 neck is rose brass and lends a full complex tone with absolutely effortless response. The #2 neck is a special gold brass which gives a brighter sound with more projection and is ideally suited for use with amplified instruments.

    The Super 400 has some significant keywork improvements that all players will appreciate: keyed to High G, an upper stack speaker key which evens out the voicing of the upper stack notes, the “never stick” G# system, and an improved F# helper bar that enhances lower stack response. Both upper and lower stacks have adjustment screws for easy maintenance. The low C, B, and Bb are all stabilized with double arms.

    The Super 400 saxophones are beautifully plated in bright copper, elaborately and extensively hand engraved, and clear coated with epoxy to prevent tarnishing. The key touch pearls are genuine deep water abalone. Black kangaroo leather Saxgourmet pads come with Copper Maestro Airtight Resonators from The three ring strap hook and the oversized Saxgourmet right thumb rest make the Super 400 comfortable to hold and play. Comes in a premium Saxgourmet case.

    Learn More
  9. Saxgourmet Super 400 II Alto

    The body, bell, bow, and #1 neck are 98% copper, 2% phosphorus; pads are Saxgourmet kangaroo leather by MusicMedic. Resonators oversized solid copper Maestro air tight resonators by MusicMedic.

    Learn More
  10. Saxgourmet VooDoo Rex Alto

    Saxgourmet VooDoo Rex Alto Learn More
  11. Saxgourmet Super 400 I Tenor

    All other saxophones, past and present, are now obsolete. This unique instrument is the culmination of years of research, prototyping, and study. Learn More
  12. Saxgourmet VooDoo Rex Tenor

    The Voodoo Rex is our latest model, and features a solid copper bell/bow/body tube/neck, ROLLED TONE HOLES, our latest ergonomic keywork, our big bell and large bore taper, full hand cut engraving on the bell/bell flare/bow/body tube/neck/ key cups, Saxgourmet black kangaroo leather pads with solid copper Maestro airtight resonators, a Saxgourmet neck with built in neck enhancer and nodal weights, and our super premium Saxgourmet contour case. Learn More

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