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Dent Removal Tools

Why stainless steel?

We chose to make this tool from stainless steel.  We know we’re spending our customers’ money, because that means that the tool price is higher.  Stainless steel costs more to buy and more to machine, and it’s harder to machine. So, why do it?  

We’re creating more and more tools that we hope will last a lifetime, and we think that’s worth a little more cost upfront.  Stainless steel is harder and stronger, and it’s much longer lasting because it isn’t susceptible to corrosion. 

At the Sax ProShop, I didn’t want my customers to see rusty tools in the shop, and I’m sure every other technician and shop owner can relate!  But regular steel tools rust quickly due to chemicals used in the industry, like vaporized flux, and it requires technicians to spend a lot of time polishing tools and coating them with oil, instead of doing what they do best. 

Stainless steel is also great because it’s non-magnetic.  Our tools won’t collect fillings and shavings, and that means you don’t have to worry about damaging brass with metal debris while you’re doing dent work.

Lastly, out of pride, I don't want to have the MusicMedic name on some rusty tool.  I want tools with my company’s name on it to be the best, to shine bright, so we make tools out of stainless even though we must sell them at a lower profit margin.

Thanks for choosing stainless steel and MusicMedic!

Just received my dent rod and oblong slotted dent ball. Never used one before. I thought it through, worked carefully and took my time. Removed a thumbprint size dent that was below the thumb rest on a 1946 Conn 6M. It turned out great. The thumb rest was pushed in a little too. Fixed that also. Wow, it turned out great. 
Thank you!
John McEverett

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  1. Heat-N-Set Low Temperature Moldable Thermoplastic

    Heat-N-Set Low Temperature Moldable Thermoplastic can be easily molded into various shapes from small beads. 

    Use Heat-N-Set as grips and extensions on tools you are using, or use as a form to hold tools in place on your bench.
    Heat-N-Set can be softened with heat and re-shaped again and again! 

    Learn More
  2. Tone Hole Checker Set

    Beautiful, sleek, stainless steel. We created these in the Sax ProShop and have been using them for years.

    Learn More
  3. Alto Sax Dent Barrel

    An deal shape for pushing for rebounding dents out of an alto saxophone body tube.
    Machined with smooth radius edges from rust-resistant magnetic stainless steel. Slotted to allow the dent barrel to pass through the neck end of the saxophone without removing the body octave pip or removing the bow.

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  4. Tenor Sax Dent Barrel

    Sized to work in all areas of the body tube, the tenor sax dent barrel is heavy enough to rebound up pushed in posts but shaped to provide great control in working out smaller dents and creases too. Slotted to allow the dent barrel to pass through the neck end of the saxophone without removing the body octave pip or removing the bow. Learn More
  5. Dent Barrel

    Sized to work in larger diameter tubes, This dent barrel has a more pronounced profile for raising stubborn dents. Great for the bottom end of Tenor and Baritone saxes and saxophone bell sections. Machined with smooth radius edges from rust-resistant magnetic stainless steel.

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  6. Saxophone Body Mandrels

    Starting at: $207.00

    The Stainless Steel Saxophone Body Mandrels will change the way you do dent work. These revolutionary mandrel sections were designed by the Sax ProShop team to give you the right taper, no matter which part of the body tube you're working on.

    Learn More
  7. Flute Stabilizer

    It is a real challenge to polish, or rag, a flute body on a mandrel because the flute slides and spins around. Our repair department created the Flute Stabilizer for use with our whole line of flute body mandrels to hold the flute in place to make it easy to polish and perform other tasks which require the flute to be stationary.

    The Flute Stabilizer threads on to the end of the mandrel and can be left in place during most uses of the mandrel. Use the included hex key wrench to tighten the end, which expands a rubber gasket to make steady contact with the inside of the flute body, holding it in place. The gasket will only expand to a certain point, which eliminates the risk of over-expanding and causing damage to the flute. 

    For use with our Economy, Professional, and Alto Flute Body Mandrels

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  8. Mandrel Guard

    Starting at: $0.75

    Get protection for your valuable dent tools. This durable plastic mesh stretches to conform to the shape of tapered mandrels and keeps them safe from accidental nicks and scratches. The mesh texture raises the mandrel off of the bench top or drawer bottom to keep dirt and grit off of your tools. Available in three size ranges and sold by the foot in uncut lengths. Learn More
  9. Stainless Flute Head Mandrel

    Starting at: $55.00

    Pro Flute Head Mandrel We’re confident that our precision 100% stainless steel Flute Head Mandrels are the industry’s finest. Tapered to match the head joint, these mandrels can be used for checking straightness, burnishing, dent removal, and for holding while polishing or completing work on the head joint or lip plate. The long taper also allows the mandrel to fit inside the head joint even if there are some dents and damage. This model is fitted with a hexagonal delrin stopper to prevent the mandrel from being inserted too far and a stainless hexagonal handle that will keep the mandrel from rolling around on the tool bench and can be securely chucked in a vice. If you already have our flute body mandrel, you know the fine quality of this tool. All mandrels come with our protective blue mandrel guards. Economy Flute Head Mandrel This mandrel is the same as the professional model, only without the hexagonal handle and delrin stopper. Technicians can make their own handle or use with our dent rod.

    Learn More
  10. Flute Dent Barrels

    Starting at: $20.00

    Flute Dent Barrels Learn More
  11. Protection Tape

    Starting at: $38.00

    Protection Tape
    Blue Low-Tack Tape: 2mm thickness - 1 to 3 oz/in Tack- Low Density Polyethylene
    Clear Medium-Tack Tape: 4mm thickness - 4 to 8 oz/in Tack- Low Density Polyethylene

    Learn More
  12. Flute Body Mandrel - Alto

    Out of stock

    We developed the Alto Flute Body Mandrel by special request . Next time an alto flute comes into the shop, you'll be glad you have this custom mandrel for checking straightness, dent work, polishing, and burnishing on alto flutes.

    .968" diameter mandrel with 20" working length - 26 1/8"  total length

    Learn More
  13. Flute Body Mandrels

    Starting at: $46.00

    Our Economy Flute Body Mandrel is made from precision ground tool steel. It is very hard to provide a long-lasting work-piece. The rounded end and rounded hip will help prevent damage. The workable space is 15”, or the entire length of a flute body, and 3” is allocated for securing in a vice and indicated by a line. Use the mandrel to check for straightness, burnishing, polishing, and dent removal. The threaded hole on the end will hold accessories, like a flute ragging attachment for easy polishing. Ships in blue protective sleeve.

    Our Professional Flute Body Mandrel features the longest shaft length in the industry, with a full 18” working area. It's made from hardened precision ground tool steel. It features a rounded end tip and a threaded hole on the end to hold accessories, like the flute ragging attachment for easy polishing. Secure the mandrel in a vice with the hex stock end for the most reliable grip that gives you 6” to chuck without damaging any of the workable area. A delrin stopper will keep the flute body from going too deep and hitting the hex stock or vice. Use your Professional Flute Body Mandrel for checking straightness, dent work, polishing, and burnishing.

    Learn More
  14. 5/8" x 3' (15.875mm x 91.44cm) Dent Rod

    Machined from cold-rolled 12L14 steel, the 5/8" (15.875mm) dent rod is tough and springy. Designed with a smaller diameter than our 3/4" (19.05mm) rod to provide extra clearance at the tenon and body octave pip of an alto or tenor saxophone when working through the neck end.

    Learn More
  15. 3/4" x 4' (19.05mm x 121.92cm) Dent Rod

    Our 3/4" x 4' (19.05mm x 121.92cm) rod provides extra rigidity when working with a fully extended dent tool. Great for use with any of our dent barrels! Each rod is drilled and precision tapped to receive a hardened threaded insert. Learn More

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