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Knipex Diagonal Cutters

knipexnip2Sometimes it's the little things that life that make one happy. As a repair tech, there's so many little things! little bits to glue, little parts to file and alter, and little things to cut. Just as this tiny world of precision can bring me great joy it can bring frustration when it doesn't go well. That was my experience with nippers. Installing needle springs, I've gone through so many cutters over the years. The needle springs are very hard and the just wreck the jaws on my cutters.

knipexnipUntil the Knipex Diagonal Cutters. Such a wonderful little pair of pliers. I never thought I could love a nipper so much. I've often got the question talking to technicians, "What do you use to cut needle springs?"  I used to say, I just buy a pair of nippers at the hardware store and replace them often. Until the Knipex Cutters. Finally a nipper that just works. I mean, what can I say about them? They nip. They feel great in my hands, they never seem to get dull. Nip your cutting issues in the bud, buy a super great pair of pliers, and don't sweat the small stuff. -Curt