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"I wanted to let you know that my Conn 12M rebuild was very sucessful. The pads were awesome and work very well. I gigged with the Bari two nights in a row (with my R&B, Funk band) and knocked 'em dead! Thanks for your help... Im thinking about doing my Alto next. Take care." - JG 

"Curt, I wanted to tell you that I finished the bass sax, and it turned out great! I really enjoyed working with the Roo pads. They were so easy to work with, and they looked very sharp. My customer is very happy with the pads, and I have a few more customer with some serious interest in trying them out (Including myself). Thank-you for your help, I am sending some pictures of the project, I have to send them one at a time so I hope that is okay (I'm not too sure how to send them all at once yet) Thanks again, I'll be in touch to order more Roo pads in the future!" - TL 

"Hey curt, just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with your pads. I can't think of why one would want to use anything else. Thanks for all of the help and I hope that business is treating you well. Take care." - JC

"These are simply the only pads to use on a professional exceptions." - Steve Nelson ProWinds 

"Just received a set of Roo Pads from The grain of this leather is unbelievably fine and consistent and has a velvety texture. The construction of these pads is top notch." - Paul Coats 

"Curt has spent a great deal of time and energy coming up with a pad that has every quality the technician world was looking for... it has consistantly-sized hard felt, strong cardboard backing and superb natural hide. At, we work with every type of leather and synthetics and I definately like this the best. This is a resilient, tough hide, with natural non-stick and water resistant qualities and it's actually a pleasure to work with. The Roo pads are a little more subtle sound and make a smaller impact sound on the tonehole , so I like them a lot for jazzers and legit, the SaxGourmet's are superb for any style of hard, loud or aggressive playing. If you ask a tech what he uses on his own horns, you are going to find out what has all of the best qualities available and i have Curt's "SaxGourmet" black kangaroo pads on my three favorite horns now and will be using them on any I add to my personal collection, in the future." - Steve Stransky 

"Curt, thanks for sending the pads so promptly. The tenor came out great! These are the sax equivalent of Straubingers! I am currently in the midst of an alto overhaul." - Jeff Peterson


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