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  1. Stitched Muslin Buffing Wheels

    Starting at: $7.45

    The stitching provides these buffs with a wide, firm center while the material itself is remarkably soft. Use to color buff pad cups and large areas on the body of the instrument that require slightly more pressure than the Loose Muslin buffs can provide. Center is reinforced with shellac. Use with Rouge or our Blue Compounds. Thickness ranges from 0.5-0.875" (13-22mm) Learn More
  2. Bench Peg

    Starting at: $13.20

    A high quality Bench Peg is a must for any repair bench. We chose aluminum and delrin for our bench peg materials and chamfered all the edges to help from marring necks and tenons. When mounting the peg in your bench use a 3/8" (9.5mm) drill bit. Learn More
  3. Large Double Sided Mallet

    The design for this delrin mallet comes directly from Josh Grant working at station 1 in the Sax ProShop. He uses this mallet every day for straightening solid pivot keys Learn More

  4. Flute Post Moving Lever

    The Flute Post Moving Lever has been redesigned with a light weight aluminum handle for a well-balanced precision tool that feels good in your hands. 

    Learn More
  5. Universal Flute Pad Washers

    These Universal Flute Pad Washers will come in handy whenever you are padding a closed hole key. They are .25mm thick and the inner diameter is 1.90-2.0mm. Made from stainless steel. Learn More
  6. Leak Tester Accessories

    Starting at: $2.20 Leak Tester Accessories Learn More
  7. Neck Checker-Replacement Parts

    Starting at: $5.05

    Neck Checker-Replacement Parts Learn More
  8. Knipex Parallel Swedging Pliers

    Starting at: $155.00

    Unlike most key swedging pliers, the Knipex pliers have a massive amount of gripping power which will speed up the process of key swedging without overly marring keys. Learn More
  9. Sax Body Slam Tool

    Our saxophone body straightening tool was designed at the body work station in our shop. We designed the plugs for this tool to have a gentle taper which will contact the receiver on the body at more than one point. This helps hold the tool securely in the receiver. The center plate has been cut out to reduce the weight of the tool. The radius on the "I" shaped center plate distributes the force of the blow evenly. This allows the technician a little bit of leeway when tapping the horn against the bench. If you miss you still transfer the same amount of force as if you had hit the tool squarely on the bench. The Sax Body Slam tool plugs will fit in most makes of alto and tenor saxophones. If you need a custom-made plug for a larger or smaller tenon please email us. Learn More
  10. Woodwind Spring Bending Levers

    Starting at: $19.85

    Our Spring Bending Levers were developed with the help of the technicians in the Sax ProShop. These tools allow you to quickly and accurately tension springs on an instrument without having to remove the keys! Made from tool steel, each lever comes in a unique S-shape with a pair of machined slots. Springs can be easily adjusted in any direction simply by making use of each side of the tool. The S-curve also increases the leverage while bending. Between our three sizes you will be able to adjust any size needle spring on any woodwind instrument. Learn More
  11. Pad Leveling Rings

    We use Pad Leveling Rings as the first step to installing a pad in a saxophone. These tools give you a firm base for leveling without creating an impression in the pad by it coming into contact with the tone hole. Learn More
  12. Small Post Fitting Pliers

    The Small Post Fitting Pliers are designed to work with smaller woodwind instruments. These pliers will allow you to swedge posts on flute, oboe and clarinet, as well as saxophone side keys where the Large Post Fitting Pliers don't reach. Use these pliers on any instrument post where clearance is an issue. Learn More
  13. Loose Muslin Buffing Wheels

    Starting at: $7.32

    These buffs are especially soft and flexible, making them the perfect choice for color buffing small parts, posts and key work. Their superior quality and soft texture will ensure a highly polished finish. Center is reinforced with leather and shellac. Use with Rouge or our Blue Compounds. Thickness ranges from 0.5-0.875" (13-22mm) Learn More
  14. Knife Edge Buff

    Starting at: $8.95

    This wheel is perfect for hard to reach areas on key work. It works especially well to polish the corner where a key arm and hinge rod intersect. Center is reinforced with leather. Use with any compound. Edge thickness is 5mm tapering to 10mm at center. Learn More
  15. 3M Radial Bristle Disc

    Starting at: $1.21

    3M™ Radial Bristle Discs have flexible rubber bristles for cleaning, finishing, and polishing detailed parts or tiny areas. Learn More
  16. Gold Domed Metal Resonators

    Starting at: $1.45

    Highly polished gold metal resonators with a recessed center hole to accept a rivet. These resonators closely match the resonators in Selmer Super Action 80 saxophones. Rivets included. Learn More
  17. Parallel Open DuckBill Pliers

    Parallel Open Duckbill Pliers feature a 3.5mm gap between medium-wide jaws. The jaws do not close completely and offer an even, secure hold on larger keys and pad cups. The smooth jaws prevent marring of keys and the non-slip handles ensure a solid grip when bending. Learn More
  18. Medium Duckbill Pliers

    Out of stock

    Our Medium Duckbill Pliers feature smooth, medium-wide jaws. These high quality pliers have a slightly thicker jaw and grasp any key securely. The blue non-slip handle ensures a solid grip when bending. Learn More
  19. Plier Block

    Starting at: $9.35

    Organize your work bench with our custom made Plier Blocks. These wood plier stands are beautifully finished with clear lacquer for long life. Simply place the handles of your tools into the holes and enjoy a clutter-free work space. (Pliers not included) Learn More
  20. Contact Cement

    Create a durable, water-resistant bond instantly with our Contact Cement. This powerful adhesive is an industry standard that provides a permanent bond between two materials. We use this product daily in the Sax ProShop to securely attach materials such as Cork, Tech Cork, Felt, Teflon, Ultra-Suede, Sorbothane, and Neoprene to key feet, tone holes, tenons, necks, and more! Use the brush provided to evenly coat each surface with Contact Cement. Then let both parts sit for 5-10 minutes until they are almost completely dry to the touch. Once the contact cement has dried, carefully press the two surfaces together. Once the coated pieces go together they will instantly form a permanent bond.

    Always be sure to seal your contact cement bottle tightly after use as continued exposure to air will cause it to thicken and dry up.

    Thin with Toluene. Specs: 1/2oz Bottle with Brush Cap.

    Due to the hazardous nature of this product, we can only ship this via UPS Ground within the United States. If you order Nikolas Lacquer with other items we will ship all items together via UPS Ground unless you request to receive them separately. 

    Learn More
  21. Hinge Tube Cleaners

    Starting at: $1.50

    Hinge Tube Cleaners have long been a staple of our woodwind repair kits and sit on every bench in the Sax ProShop. Use these for removing oil, dust, dirt and grime from the inside of hinge tubes as well as other parts of the instrument. In the Sax ProShop we use these with Toluene. This size will work on all woodwind instruments. Learn More
  22. Machinist Style Pin Vise

    This double-sided pin vise is an excellent pin vise for holding small parts. The entire handle and tightening ends are knurled for easy hand-tightening. This tool is double-headed so both sides of the pin vise are collet vises. This makes losing a collet impossible and saves time, as changing collets is never necessary. The handle is hollow so it is possible to remove one collet and use this vise in a bench motor to hold small parts even when a through hole is needed. The collets in this tool are threaded into the handle and keyed. Unlike other collets, the closing is achieved by drawing the collet into the tool rather than tightening a nut over the tapered head of the collet. The key keeps the collet from spinning in the tool. These two features together make tightening the collet fast and easy. Collets together will hold all parts smaller than .065" or 1.6mm. Handle length with both heads attached: 3.86” (98.28mm) Learn More
  23. Square Head Solid Brass Pin Vise

    This high quality pin vise has a nut shaped head and knurled handle making it easy to tighten down by hand or with a wrench. The square head also keeps the tool from rolling around a bench. This pin vise has well-machined threads and tapers for a smooth feel and even closure. The thru-hole handle can be chucked into a bench motor or lathe to hold a long screw or rod in the collet. Comes with two steel collets, which are keyed to keep them from rotating in the tool. The second collet can be stored securely in the back of the handle when not in use. Handle length including collet: 4" (100mm) Thru hole in collet handle: .25" (6mm) Collets will hold most round parts from .112" (3mm) and smaller. Learn More
  24. Z-Gun Drip Tip

    Prevent drips of shellac on your work bench with the Z-Gun Drip Tip. Lightweight, it snaps right into place, and prevents a messy workspace. Learn More
  25. Sanding Stick

    Starting at: $6.00

    Sanding sticks have adjustable, continuous sanding belts that are held in place by a spring-loaded mechanism. This allows you to rotate the belt as needed to expose a new sanding surface. Great for sanding hard-to-reach places, use them in any place where emery boards are useful. You can easily sand tech cork with these sanding sticks, or use the belts separately and cut them into strips for sanding cork under key feet

    Learn More
  26. Foredom Flex Shaft Tools
    A flexible shaft rotary tool is an essential item for any repair shop. We chose Foredom for their impeccable quality and versatility. Learn More
  27. Small Double Sided Mallet

    Out of stock

    Our Double Sided Mallet was such a hit, that we decided to offer a smaller version for the the key work that required a smaller mallet. Instantly change the size of your mallet head with the flip of your wrist. Learn More
  28. Sanding Stick Replacement Grit

    Starting at: $2.40

    Replacement Sanding Belts for our Sanding SticksLearn More
  29. Barge All Purpose Cement

    Starting at: $6.60

    Barge is a technician's best friend. Coming in tubes of 2 oz. or 3/4 oz, you'll find a variety of uses for this handy cement. Adheres to rubber, glass, cork, leather, and metal.  

    Due to the hazardous nature of this product, we can only ship this via UPS Ground within the United States. If you order Nikolas Lacquer with other items we will ship all items together via UPS Ground unless you request to receive them separately. 

    Learn More
  30. Nickel Plated Needle Springs

    Starting at: $2.35

    Starting with a Blued Steel Spring, we plate each spring with a thick coat of nickel. Nickel plating is very hard, nearly impervious to the elements and aesthetically stunning. Blued Steel springs, the base from which these springs are made, have a number of benefits over other springs available.

    The coating of hard nickel on each spring protects the Blued Steel Spring underneath from the elements and reduces or eliminates any problems with rust. Musicians with acidic body oils or living in coastal areas will benefit from the non-corrosive properties of a thick plating of nickel.

    Technicians can offer a beautiful, maintenance free spring as an upgrade to any instrument. These nickel springs will replace stainless springs with only a slight difference in appearance and a very noticeable improvement in feel.

    There is a definite savings to purchasing the assortment over buying individual springs. Consider the the assortment for ease, value and aesthetics. Learn More

  31. Ultra Light Precision Tip Tweezers

    Starting at: $9.75

    These light weight, precision tip tweezers make it incredibly convenient for holding, applying, and removing materials. The fine tips allow you to work in tight spaces even on the smallest of instruments. Use these for applying materials, corks, felts, and Ultra Suede, as well as handling flute shims and set screws. Learn More
  32. Large Nylon Jawed Parallel Pliers - Replacement Pair of Red Nylon Jaws

    Large Nylon Jawed Parallel Pliers - Replacement Pair of Red Nylon Jaws Learn More
  33. Z-Gun Shellac Gun - Z-Gun Startup Kit

    Starting at: $140.00

    The Z-Gun (patent pending) takes the hassle out of using shellac to install woodwind pads.  Using this precision dispenser, you can apply shellac without burns, mess or waste.The Z-Gun startup kit contains one Z-Gun and six shellac cartridges, and you can choose from amber or clear shellac, or a combo of each.

    Learn More
  34. Knipex Diagonal Cutters

    If you're looking for a cutter that will handle spring after spring without wear out you found it. As usual, Knipex has made a tool that is superior quality that will likely work longer than you do. They can cut through the thickest of needle springs with ease and show no wear.

    Learn More
  35. Double-Sided Pin Vise with Hex Heads

    This double-sided collet pin vise is excellent for holding small parts. The knurled handle and hex heads make holding and clamping simple, as a wrench can be used. Although there is a collet head on both sides, one head can be removed to take advantage of the thru-hole handle when working with longer screws or rods. The collets in this vise are keyed to keep them from rotating in the handle. Collets will hold parts .1" or 2.5mm and smaller. Handle length with both heads attached: 4" (100mm) Learn More
  36. Heavy Duty Pin Vise

    This double-sided pin vise is excellent for general repair shop use. The knurled handle and head are designed to be tightened by hand, making it quick to change tools or parts. The handle is hollow and the diameter of the head is nearly the same as the handle, which makes this an excellent pin vise to use when clearance is an issue. The hollow handle allows this pin vise to be chucked into a bench motor, even when working on a longer rod or screw. Because the threads on the handle of this tool and the collet inside are about the same length, it is possible to modify (cut) this collet making it only slightly longer than the head. This modified and very short collet will fit between posts on woodwind instruments. The steel collets will hold most parts that are 2.5mm (.1") in diameter or smaller. Handle length with both heads attached: 4.25” (108mm) Learn More
  37. Graver Handle with Two Collets

    The Graver Handle is different from a pin vise handle in that the collet tip rotates with the handle. The position of the collet and handle allow the tool to remain in the fixed position. Though the handle is not useful for drilling purposes, it works great for engraving, deburring, for use with a cutting broach or any process that requires a back and forth motion rather than a full circular drilling type motion. This graver comes with two collets: The small collet ranges from 0 to .030” (0 to .78mm) The Large collet ranges from .066” to .097” (1.68mm to 2.48mm) Handle length including collet: 3” (77mm) Learn More
  38. Steel Hand Vise

    This Steel Hand Vise holds key arms, guards, and small parts firmly for accurate filing, sawing, soldering, polishing, or modifying. With its hexagonal handle, this tool can either be held in the hand, as the name implies, or fastened securely in a bench vise. The smooth jaws will not mar keys or other small finished parts. The handle is hollow for small rods to pass through it if necessary. Simply tighten the screw to securely grip the part you are working on. The compact size and nifty design allows you to rotate your work piece quickly and effortlessly. Max Jaw Opening: 5mm (0.197") Jaw Depth: 10.5mm (0.414") Jaw Width: 17.0mm (0.675") Overall Length: 11.5cm (4.50") Learn More
  39. Sorbothane

    Starting at: $9.35

    Sorbothane is a non-porous, synthetic material that is used to reduce and absorb vibrations. Convenient and easy to apply, this unique silencing material will prevent the "bounce" commonly experienced when a key foot hits the body of a saxophone.

    Learn More
  40. Hemostat Forceps

    These hemostat forceps have endless variety of uses in your shop. You can clamp them down to hold work for various tasks, or use it as that extra pair of hands you need. The multiple locking positions ensure a secure hold on whatever item you need to grasp. These are Stainless Steel, with serrated jaws, comfort handles and a satin finish. Learn More
  41. Miniature Brushes

    Starting at: $1.16

    Cleaning, polishing, and finishing tight spaces on an instrument becomes fast and easy with our rotary attachments for Foredom and Dremel style tools. These high quality miniature attachments are made from various natural and synthetic materials Learn More
  42. Miniature Buffs

    Starting at: $1.45

    Buffing Wheels - We use these daily for buffing keys or hard to reach areas at the bench. The yellow wheels are firmer and well suited as a cut buff, while the white work well for color and final polish. Learn More
  43. Silicone Wheels

    Starting at: $1.65

    Silicone Wheels - Mounted on a mandrel and comparable to our Black 220 grit wheels. Learn More
  44. Grenadilla Filler

    Starting at: $2.75

    Finely ground Grenadilla wood for the repair of wood bodied instruments. 100% wood product for making strong, good looking repairs to cracks, chips and defects. Use with a thin Cyanoacryiate (SuperGlue) adhesive to create a tintable fill to match the areas surrounding the repair. Create seamless repairs to tonehole defects or to conceal the metal pinning that larger cracks may require.

    Learn More
  45. Cotton Flannel Buffing Wheels

    Starting at: $5.75

    Use these wheels for your initial cutting on any area of the instrument. They have a 1 inch (26mm) thickness and the stitching makes for a firm all around buff. Center is reinforced with shellac. Use with Grey or Brown Tripoli. Learn More
  46. TechCork - Assortments (13 Thicknesses)

    Starting at: $54.45

    Out of stock

    TechCork - Assortments (13 Thicknesses) Full (125mm x 100mm) and Half Sheet assortments (125mm x 50mm) of TeckCork in 13 thicknesses. .3mm through 1.0mm in .1mm increments, 1.2mm,1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.6mm. Learn More
  47. Ultimax Key Oil - Medium Viscosity

    Starting at: $7.75

    Ultimax Key Oil - Medium Viscosity Learn More
  48. Ultimax Key Oil - High Viscosity

    Starting at: $7.75

    Ultimax Key Oil - High Viscosity Learn More
  49. Ultimax Cork Lubricant

    Starting at: $4.75

    Ultimax Cork Lubricant is the perfect cork grease. Ultimax lubricants are safe and inert, meaning they will not break down adhesives like those that hold cork to the instrument. Ultimax Cork Lubricant is also safe for use on hard rubber and wood, it will not damage wooden clarinet bodies or hard rubber mouthpieces. More than just being safe, Ultimax Cork Lubricant holds moisture in the cork keeping the cork soft and pliable. This allows cork to last longer and retain its shape, enabling it to function more effectively. Learn More
  50. Ultimax Pivot and Roller Lubricant

    Starting at: $6.00

    Noisy rollers and clicking pivots are a thing of the past. Ultimax Pivot and Roller Lubricant is an amazing sticky oil that grabs both surfaces and traps in air bubbles, creating a thick, air-packed liquid bearing surface that takes up space in key mechanisms. This liquid bearing surface allows keys to move freely without noise even when there is excessive play in the mechanism. There is nothing better for silencing rollers and key pivots. Learn More
  51. Maestro Star Classic Resonators - Gold Plated Brass

    Starting at: $2.15

    Maestro Star Classic Resonators - Gold Plated Brass Learn More
  52. Maestro Star Classic Resonators - Silver Plated Brass

    Starting at: $1.71

    Maestro Star Classic Resonators - Silver Plated Brass Learn More
  53. Maestro Star Classic Resonators - Solid Copper

    Starting at: $1.43

    Maestro Star Classic Resonators - Solid Copper Learn More
  54. Maestro Star Classic Resonators - Solid Brass

    Starting at: $1.16

    Maestro Star Classic Resonators - Solid Brass Learn More
  55. Maestro Star Airtight Resonators - Gold Plated Brass

    Starting at: $3.41

    Maestro Star Airtight Resonators - Gold Plated Brass Learn More
  56. Ultimax Key Oil - Low Viscosity

    Starting at: $7.75

    Ultimax Key Oil - Low Viscosity Learn More
  57. Hot Glue Stick

    Starting at: $1.50 hot glue sticks are the finest hot glue sticks available for installing woodwind pads. Our sticks are chosen for their medium melting point and superior adhesion. Install any woodwind pad with our hot glue stick including the Jim Schmidt Pads. Learn More
  58. Cork Pads

    Starting at: $1.40

    Many technicians and players prefer cork pads in clarinet upper joints. We make these pads from the finest natural cork with the least amount of grain.

    Thickness: 3mm

    Learn More
  59. Green Saxophone Bumper Felts
  60. Red Saxophone Bumper Felts
  61. Black Saxophone Bumper Felts
  62. Green Felt Disks
  63. Red Felt Disks
  64. Black Felt Disks
  65. Z-Gun Shellac Gun - Z-Gun Cartridges

    Starting at: $16.30

    Z-Gun Shellac Gun - Z-Gun Cartridges Learn More
  66. Stick Shellac

    Starting at: $4.70 shellac sticks are the finest available. Many technicians and players feel that a firm shellac which cools to a hard state improves the tone of the instrument. We offer 3 types of shellac for pad installation- Two synthetic sticks and one traditional natural light amber stick. Learn More

  67. Maestro Star Airtight Resonators - Silver Plated Brass

    Starting at: $2.97

    Maestro Star Airtight Resonators - Silver Plated Brass Learn More
  68. Maestro Star Airtight Resonators - Solid Copper

    Starting at: $2.48

    Maestro Star Airtight Resonators - Solid Copper Learn More
  69. Gold Plated Needle Springs

    Starting at: $4.90

    No, they are not cheap but yes, they are the best! Our Blued Steel Springs are by far the highest quality blued steel springs available. Starting with that, we plated our springs with a base of nickel and then in gold. Learn More
  70. Deluxe Jewelers Saw Blades

    Starting at: $4.83

    Made for cutting all metals, pearls, and all other hard materials. Round backs make it easy to turn corners and follow curves, operations that may break other saw blades. Learn More
  71. Saxophone Pad Shims - Assortments - 95 Shim Assortment

    Saxophone Pad Shims - Assortments Learn More
  72. Z-Gun Shellac Gun - Z-Gun

    As long as there have been woodwind pads, technicians have trusted shellac to hold them in place. The difficulties in using stick shellac are well known- drips, burns, burnt keys and broken shellac sticks are common problems associated with heating shellac over a flame. The Z-Gun (patent pending) takes the hassle out of using shellac to install woodwind pads. Learn More
  73. Z-Gun Shellac Gun - Replacement Parts

    Replacement Parts included are: Plunger and Handle Learn More
  74. Open Hole Flute Plugs

    Open hole flute plugs are easy to install and allow an inexperienced player or student to play an open hole flute. As the player becomes able to seal the holes, the plugs can easily be removed. Sold in a set of five plugs Learn More
  75. Saxophone End Plug - Universal

    Starting at: $3.65

    Our universal Saxophone End Plug protects the octave stem from bending and keeps debris out of your saxophone while in its case. Made of durable plastic. Learn More
  76. Saxophone End Plug - Yamaha

    Starting at: $5.25

    Yamaha Saxophone End Plug protects the octave stem from bending and keeps debris out of your saxophone while in its case. Made of durable plastic. Learn More
  77. T-Pal

    Out of stock

    A fast and efficient choice for orienting pad cups over tone holes.

    Learn More
  78. Blued Needle Springs

    Starting at: $0.99 Blued needle springs are heat treated and very rigid yet not brittle. Many technicians find that Blued Steel springs give a faster, cleaner, or snappier feel to the key work of an instrument.These Blued Needle Springs are made from high quality steel with a machined point and completely consistent bluing.

    These long-lasting needle springs will hold their shape and curve. Available in 19 different diameters, Blued Needle springs are strong and consistent. Our 190 Spring Assortment contains 10 of each size spring in a white wooden block. Each spring size is labeled on the plastic tube to keep your springs organized.

    Learn More
  79. Maestro Star Airtight Resonators - Solid Brass

    Starting at: $2.20

    Maestro Star Airtight Resonators - Solid Brass Learn More
  80. Saxophone Pearls - Concave

    Starting at: $2.75

    Saxophone Pearls - Concave Learn More
  81. Saxophone Pearls - Convex

    Starting at: $2.75

    Saxophone Pearls - Convex Learn More
  82. Saxophone Pearls - Selmer Style Oval

    Starting at: $9.95

    Saxophone Pearls - Selmer Style Oval Learn More
  83. Saxophone Pearls - Keilwerth Style

    Starting at: $3.52

    Saxophone Pearls - Keilwerth Style Learn More
  84. Abalone Saxophone Pearls - Concave

    Starting at: $3.52

    Abalone Saxophone Pearls - Concave Learn More
  85. Abalone Saxophone Pearls - Convex

    Starting at: $3.52

    Abalone Saxophone Pearls - Convex Learn More
  86. Abalone Saxophone Pearls - Selmer Style Oval

    Starting at: $12.38

    Abalone Saxophone Pearls - Selmer Style Oval Learn More
  87. Abalone Saxophone Pearls - Keilwerth Style

    Starting at: $6.65

    Abalone Saxophone Pearls - Keilwerth Style Learn More
  88. Buffing Compound

    Starting at: $9.95

    Use the Grey or Brown Tripoli for fast cut buffing to remove scratches. You can also remove leftover lacquer with these compounds. Red Rouge is widely used in the band instrument repair industry for color buffing and is available in two sizes. The Blue gives an excellent final polish on silver and brass and is almost as good as the Blue Hubble. Learn More
  89. Heat Resistant Buffing Gloves

    Our heat resistant buffing gloves are one-size-fits-most, and made from a material that protects your hands from the heat buildup during the buffing process. The cotton-terry knit provides a good grip and is oil and grease resistant. These gloves provide heat protection up to 500°F (260°C), and can be used in any application without direct flame contact. Learn More
  90. Genuine Chamois

    Out of stock

    These super soft chamois are unbeatable for cleaning and polishing without damaging the finish of an instrument.

    Learn More
  91. Brass Roller Replacement Inserts (Set of 3)

    Brass Roller Replacement Inserts for the Rod Straightening Pliers

    Learn More
  92. Tone Hole Checker Set

    Beautiful, sleek, stainless steel. We created these in the Sax ProShop and have been using them for years.

    Learn More
  93. Super Soft Heat Shrink Tube - 4.5 mm Diameter

    Super Soft Heat Shrink Tube - 4.5 mm Diameter Learn More
  94. Mouthpiece Refacing Basics by Theo Wanne

    Theo is a master mouthpiece refacer and capable of improving any mouthpiece.  He has taken the fundamental skills needed to do this art and put them into this wonderful book; 16 color pages of the best knowledge on how to reface mouthpieces.


    Learn More
  95. Ultra-Suede

    Starting at: $3.38

    High-density Ultra-Suede which is an excellent silencer material.

    Learn More
  96. Adhesive Pellets (White)

    Starting at: $1.25

    Our White Adhesive Pellets offer a firmer alternative to the yellow pellets. 

    Learn More
  97. Snap Knife

    Ideal for precision cutting of a variety of materials such as cutting cork, UltraSuede, Telfon sheets and great for when you need a fresh, sharp edge for a tough to cut material.

    Each snap-off blade provides 12 sharp cutting points.

    Carbon steel blade with safety lock ensures the blade stays covered or exposed during handing or use.

    Learn More
  98. Old School Neck Strap

    This is the classic strap that you used to use that was pretty comfortable, durable, and inexpensive, and you never even thought about because it was just your neck strap.

    Learn More
  99. WITCC Tool Block

    From: $1.50

    To: $527.20

    WITCC School Tool Block Learn More
  100. Bench Bottles 10mL (5 Pack)

    If you're looking for an affordable supply of needle oilers for general shop use, you found it! Learn More
  101. PadMagic

    Sticky pads are noisy, cumbersome, and hugely disruptive to a saxophonist. Although no pad powder lasts forever,'s PadMagic offers the longest lasting results of any pad powder on the market. PadMagic is a blend of 7 unique compounds that combat pad stickiness in several ways. PadMagic preserves and conditions the leather and forms a micro-thin non-stick surface on the pad and its tone hole, which helps prevent build-up that leads to stickiness. This effective pad solution comes with two microfiber cloths, one for cleaning and one for application. Learn More
  102. Open Hole Flute Pad Punch

    This Open Hole Flute Pad Punch set is made entirely at in Wilmington, NC. Easily turn regular flute pads into Open Hole Flute Pads and benefit by minimizing your stock. Learn More
  103. Hardman Epoxy

    Starting at: $2.20

    • Epoxy: 2 NON-SAG Extra Fast Setting
    • Epoxy: General Purpose
    Learn More
  104. Replacement Hinge Rod Stock

    Starting at: $8.25

    This hinge rod stock is what we use in the Sax ProShop.  It’s made from oil hardened 01 tool steel, and available in the most common diameters for woodwind instruments.  Each order is 36” in length, cut in half for shipping unless otherwise requested.

    Learn More
  105. Parallel Spring Removing Pliers

    These beautiful pliers are just plain awesome. If you've ever had to remove a spring that has broken off inside or flush with the post before, you're familiar with the risk of moving the post, scratching the post, and generally how challenging it can be to access the broken spring from the desired angle.

    Learn More
  106. Carbon Steel Binding Wire

    0.035" Diameter 1/4 lb. Spool 77' Long Black-annealed wire Maximum temperature is 300° F Learn More
  107. Rod Straightening Pliers

    This tool was designed and manufactured at MusicMedic in Wilmington, North Carolina. After years of unpredictable results with hammer handles the frustrated technicians in the ProShop asked that we design a tool for straightening rods that consistently produces a straight rod.

    Click here for Instructions 

    Learn More
  108. Knipex Duckbill Pliers

    Starting at: $85.00

     If you only have one set of Knipex pliers on your bench, this is the set to have.

    Learn More
  109. Renton Tool Block

    From: $3.00

    To: $789.35

    Renton Tool Block Learn More
  110. Black Magic Foam

    Starting at: $4.68

    This high-tech foam has open-cell construction and smooth surface texture for easy gluing. This medium soft foam can be sanded with fine sandpaper but wears and rebounds well in a wide range of temperatures. Great for applications where vibration and an impact noise are a problem.

    Learn More
  111. Abrasive Cord-0.05"

    150 Grit Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cord
    0.05" (1.27mm) diameter
    50 feet long 

    Learn More
  112. Bent Nose Pliers

    These simple pliers are likely to be your first grab when assembling and disassembling. Learn More
  113. Open Hole Flute Tool

    This compact 2-in-1 tool will streamline your open hole flute padding.  It tackles two common problems that occur during the padding process: bushings (or grommets) getting spread, and pad cup chimneys getting crushed in. 

    Learn More
  114. Flat Nose Pliers

    Starting at: $13.50

    These Flat nosed Pliers have a narrow beak and smooth jaws. They are perfect for grabbing springs, bending keys, and many other shops use. The narrow jaws are very good for reaching in places that your Duckbill pliers will not reach.

    Learn More
  115. Crocus Cloth

    Crocus Cloth is like a more durable sandpaper made from cloth so that it can withstand liquids and repeated use.

    Learn More
  116. Black Pearl Palm Key Risers

    Starting at: $24.00

    Somewhere near the center of the earth, a rare element was discovered by the Sax ProShop's own Ryan Walker. He named the element of swirling beauty Ryanite and brought it at once to the Sax ProShop where he began his top-secret testing. He emerged with the most striking palm key risers ever seen and they are now available to saxophone players everywhere!

    Learn More
  117. Parallel Spring Inserting Pliers

    Our Parallel Spring Inserting Pliers feature stainless steel jaws with smooth edges that will not mar posts.

    Learn More
  118. Water-Soluble Shim and Bladder Glue

    Our Water-Soluble Shim and Bladder Glue is a dual purpose adhesive for flute work. One use is for adhering shims to the back of the pad so that they stay in place each time the pad is reinstalled. The second purpose is to aid in re-skinning a flute pad. Learn More
  119. Pump Dispenser Bottle with Flip Top Cap

    Pump Dispenser Bottle with Flip Top Cap- Solvent safe! Learn More
  120. Chemical Labels

    Chemical Labels - sheet of 10 labels Learn More
  121. Rubber Plugs

    Starting at: $0.35

    A variety of silicone replacement plugs are available individually for the MusicMedic Leak Tester and Mini Leak Tester in case one from your clarinet or flute plug sets wear out or gets lost.

    Learn More
  122. Buescher Hole Punch

    Starting at: $13.20

    Buescher Hole Punch Set

    If you’ve ever tried to line up a punch over the existing hole on a pad to cut it larger, you know the frustration of centering the new-larger hole. With the Buescher Hole Punch, you can now use your own existing pad stock with no resonators on Buescher True Tone and Aristocrat saxophones and get the hole perfectly centered and the correct size every time. 

    All replacement parts are available individually. 

    Learn More
  123. Bench Press

     It allows you to customize all of your pads with the resonators of your choice, so it’s a great way to streamline your saxophone pad stock and offer pro upgrades.

    Replacement punches and rivet splitters available separately. Looking for parts?

    Learn More
  124. MusicMedic Bench Press Replacement Parts

    Starting at: $13.25

    Keep your MusicMedic Bench Press working like new by replacing heavily worn parts without hassle.  We’ll be adding new accessories to the site as they are created because we see this tool as an evolving multi-purpose dream come true.

    Learn More
  125. Knipex Parallel Swedging Pliers-Single 5mm Hole-Medium

    All the greatness of Knipex pliers but for the tech who focuses on saxophones.

    Learn More
  126. Not-So-Mini Buffs

    Starting at: $3.50

    The Not-So-Mini Buffs are operated with a Dremel tool or mounted in the bench motor and offer a new level of control and the ability to get into tight places around posts and tone holes.  These buffs are larger than our Mini Buffs to offer more buffing surface area with greater surface speed. 

    Learn More
  127. Hinge Tube Cutter Set

    Out of stock

    Hinge Tube Cutter Set

    Our Hinge Tube Shortening and Post Facing Set makes it faster and easier to achieve low friction and maximum surface contact in your key fitting.

    Replacement cutters available separately. Looking for parts?

    Learn More
  128. Replacement Hinge Tube Cutters

    Starting at: $12.50

    Replacement Hinge Tube Cutters Learn More
  129. Key Leaves - Sax Key Props

    Stop sticky G#, C#, Eb keys and the pad rot that eats your saxophone. They prop gently under the key arms without touching delicate pads. One size adapts to fit all Alto, Tenor, Bari and C-Melody Saxophones.

    Learn More
  130. Tenon Sizing Tool

    This Tenon Sizing Tool resulted from a big dream, and a desire to create a lifetime tool with absolute precision and predictability.  The result is a magnificent stainless-steel masterpiece directly from our shop in Wilmington, NC. Size your flute tenons and soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophone tenons with ease. 

    Collets sold separately here: Tenon Shrinking Collets

    Learn More
  131. Tenon Sizing Collets

    Each collet contains a notch to lock into the tool so that when you move the neck, the collet will not spin.
    A variety of collets in .5mm increments.

    Learn More
  132. Feeler Gauge Assortment

    This Feeler Gauge Assortment for your padding work. Included are 2 delrin handles with O-rings and thicknesses of feelr material:

    Silver: 0.0005"

    Amber 0.001"

    Red 0.002”

    Green 0.003”

    Learn More
  133. Sweet Georgia Palm Key Risers

    Starting at: $24.00

    Somewhere near the center of the earth, a rare element was discovered by the Sax ProShop's own Ryan Walker. He named the element of swirling beauty Ryanite and brought it at once to the Sax ProShop where he began his top-secret testing. He emerged with the most striking palm key risers ever seen and they are now available to saxophone players everywhere! Learn More
  134. Cratex Polishing and Finishing Wheels

    Starting at: $6.50

    Cratex Polishing and Finishing Wheels All wheels are 3 inches (76.2mm) in diameter. Available in two thicknesses. Learn More
  135. Heat-N-Set Low Temperature Moldable Thermoplastic

    Out of stock

    Heat-N-Set Low Temperature Moldable Thermoplastic can be easily molded into various shapes from small beads. 

    Use Heat-N-Set as grips and extensions on tools you are using, or use as a form to hold tools in place on your bench.
    Heat-N-Set can be softened with heat and re-shaped again and again! 

    Learn More
  136. Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Refacing Kit

    Out of stock

    If you know anything about mouth piece refacing, you're likely already familiar with Theo Wanne. His mouthpiece refacing kit has what you need to get started on learning to repair and alter mouthpieces. Theo's 16 page full color book has comprehensive illustrations, instructions, and guides, and is the most concise and to-the-point resource on mouthpiece repair and refacing. Learn about the tools in the kit, tip size, facing curves, table flattening, measuring, adjusting tip rails, and forming baffles. Theo includes several sets of numbers to work with as you learn the basics and start to develop your own ideal mouthpiece measurements.
    This set comes in a beautiful storage box and contains the 16 page guide, the Digital Mouthpiece Tip Gauge which is the most precise mouthpiece tip measuring tool we have seen, the Feeler Set for measuring table and lay, and a Glass Gauge to measure mouthpiece facings. All you need are a few practice mouthpieces, sandpaper in grits from 600-2000, a solid flat work surface like the Glass Work Plate, and a needle file set like the Teborg Swiss Needle File Set.
    Learn More
  137. Portable Oxygen / Propane Kit

    Out of stock

    Convenient portable kit for use with disposable tanks comes complete with torch handle, #4 tip, 6 hoses, and preset regulator for propane and oxygen. Wire tank holder included. Learn More
  138. SuperNova LED Leaklight Switch

    SuperNova LED Leaklight Switch Learn More
  139. Chain Nose Parallel Pliers

    Starting at: $28.00

    These are the go-to pliers for most repair shops, and are one of our favorite all around pliers because of its versatility. The hard coated tapered steel jaws feature a small working surface at the tip to allow you to get into tight spaces. The parallel jaw action gives you a solid grip and aids in bending keywork and springs. The handle is sprung, but the springs are easily removable to suit your preference. Try coating the jaws with leather or teflon to reduce marring on keywork. The Small Chain Nose Pliers are excellent for flute and clarinet work, and the Medium Chain Nose Pliers will work great for saxophone.

    Small: 140mm
    Large: 160mm

    Learn More
  140. Flute Body Mandrels

    Starting at: $47.50

    Our Economy Flute Body Mandrel is made from precision ground tool steel. It is very hard to provide a long-lasting work-piece. The rounded end and rounded hip will help prevent damage. The workable space is 15”, or the entire length of a flute body, and 3” is allocated for securing in a vice and indicated by a line. Use the mandrel to check for straightness, burnishing, polishing, and dent removal. The threaded hole on the end will hold accessories, like a flute ragging attachment for easy polishing. Ships in blue protective sleeve.

    Our Professional Flute Body Mandrel features the longest shaft length in the industry, with a full 18” working area. It's made from hardened precision ground tool steel. It features a rounded end tip and a threaded hole on the end to hold accessories, like the flute ragging attachment for easy polishing. Secure the mandrel in a vice with the hex stock end for the most reliable grip that gives you 6” to chuck without damaging any of the workable area. A delrin stopper will keep the flute body from going too deep and hitting the hex stock or vice. Use your Professional Flute Body Mandrel for checking straightness, dent work, polishing, and burnishing.

    Mandrel Diameter is 0.735 inches (18.69mm) with as radius nose threaded for a 1/4-20 SAE fastener.

    Learn More
  141. Flute Body Mandrel - Alto

    Out of stock

    We developed the Alto Flute Body Mandrel by special request . Next time an alto flute comes into the shop, you'll be glad you have this custom mandrel for checking straightness, dent work, polishing, and burnishing on alto flutes.

    .968" diameter mandrel with 20" working length - 26 1/8"  total length

    Learn More
  142. Connoisseur Polishing Cloth

    Starting at: $6.60

    This is our favorite precious metal polishing cloth. Some polishing cloths leave noticeable scratches in the silver body of the instrument. This polishing cloth leaves only a very smooth finish. Each cloth has two different surfaces - one for initial polish, and one for finishing. Learn More
  143. Stainless Steel Flat Springs

    Starting at: $2.00

    These flat springs are soft enough to take a bend and resist breaking, yet hard enough to provide a snappy feel. Learn More
  144. MusicMedic Premium Micro Fiber Cloths

    Starting at: $9.75

    High quality lint- free Micro Fiber cloths for cleaning and protecting the the finish on your musical instrument. Learn More
  145. Whole Spring Removing Pliers

    Starting at: $34.00

    These Whole Spring Removing Pliers are used for gripping and removing springs. The jaws of these pliers are cut away to reach around posts while still maintaining a firm grip on the spring. The jaws are not hardened which will allow them to conform to the spring surface giving a more secure grip on the spring. The long handles allow for extra leverage for stubborn springs. Learn More
  146. Brass and Soft Jaw Parallel Pliers

    Starting at: $3.00

    MusicMedic quality Brass and Soft Jaw Parallel Pliers are available in three sizes. With the added choice of a sturdy Nylon jaw Pliers, there is no reason you can't get a grip without leaving marks! Learn More
  147. SuperNova LED Leaklight

    Starting at: $105.00

    The SuperNova is's 360 degree LED LeakLight. This is a small and super bright professional LED LeakLight. It does not give off heat and is extremely durable.

    Learn More
  148. Flute and Piccolo Head Corks

    Starting at: $0.72 offers a wide selection of Flute and Piccolo head corks. Our Pro Flute cork is the finest grade cork we could find!

    Learn More
  149. Saxophone Key Adjustment Levers

    Starting at: $21.00

    These levers are designed to adjust the angle between key arms, key feet and compound keys on saxophone. Precise adjustment of the key and arm angles without changing key cup orientation is easy using this tool.

    Learn More
  150. 3/4" x 4' (19.05mm x 121.92cm) Dent Rod

    Our 3/4" x 4' (19.05mm x 121.92cm) rod provides extra rigidity when working with a fully extended dent tool. Great for use with any of our dent barrels! Each rod is drilled and precision tapped to receive a hardened threaded insert. Learn More

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