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  1. Large Post Fitting Pliers

    Our large post fitting pliers are a specialized tool for reducing the center hole of a woodwind post to remove play between the post and rod that travels through it. When the hole in a post is too large for the rod that travels through it, even properly fitted keys are noisy and difficult to adjust. Precision adjustments are nearly impossible. Until we designed these pliers, fixing these posts was very difficult. Technicians would need to float solder into the post head, sleeve the post head, oversize the rod or, in the case where it is the last post on a stack, split the end of the screw slot. These procedures are very time consuming or unsightly. Fitting posts with these pliers takes seconds and the resulting job is invisible and long-lasting.

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  2. Parallel Spring Inserting Pliers

    Our Parallel Spring Inserting Pliers feature stainless steel jaws with smooth edges that will not mar posts.

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  3. Open Hole Flute Tool

    This compact 2-in-1 tool will streamline your open hole flute padding.  It tackles two common problems that occur during the padding process: bushings (or grommets) getting spread, and pad cup chimneys getting crushed in. 

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  4. Bent Nose Pliers

    These simple pliers are likely to be your first grab when assembling and disassembling. Learn More
  5. Knipex Duckbill Pliers-Small

    Knipex Duckbill Pliers-Small Learn More
  6. The Wilmington Alto

    An amazingly solid and well-made saxophone that is not unbelievably expensive. Don’t be fooled by the reasonable price of this outstanding saxophone, it is made thoughtfully and solidly and under the watchful eye of the Sax ProShop. The Wilmington Alto Sax is the first of our new line of outstanding imported instruments which will eventually include the entire family of saxophones, clarinets, and flutes.

    Would you love to have your name engraved on your new Wilmington Alto? If so, enter the name you wish in the field below and Ryan, our in-house engraver will make this horn all yours!

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  7. SuperNova LED Leaklight-6" (152.4 mm)

    SuperNova LED Leaklight Learn More
  8. Z-Gun Shellac Gun - Z-Gun

    As long as there have been woodwind pads, technicians have trusted shellac to hold them in place. The difficulties in using stick shellac are well known- drips, burns, burnt keys and broken shellac sticks are common problems associated with heating shellac over a flame. The Z-Gun (patent pending) takes the hassle out of using shellac to install woodwind pads. Learn More
  9. Leak Tester-Mini Machine

    Because the Leak Tester is so sensitive, it can be used after the leak light and feeler gauge as a secondary leak tester. It is also an excellent demonstration tool for your customers. Using the Leak Tester, you can quickly test an entire flute before doing leak work, then test it again after the work is complete. It is also possible to use the Leak Tester to test for leaks in individual pads on flute, wooden instrument bodies, brass tubing or any part of any instrument that can be sealed on both ends.

    ( Leak Tester Instructions can be found here)

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  10. Vortex Air Torch™-USA 110 volt

    New and Improved!

    MusicMedic is the industry leader in hot air padding technology, and has won over many skeptical technicians. Many years ago, we realized that there had to be a better way than using flames in the shop and we created the Vortex Air Torch™. Hot air is safer, faster, and easier to use. The Vortex Air Torch™ from MusicMedic is designed to decrease padding time on all woodwind instruments, while eliminating burnt materials such as felt, cork, and lacquer. With 0-500 degree celsius temperature control as well as an air velocity controller, the Vortex Air Torch™ allows a technician to decide the exact temperature and velocity of air that touches the instrument.

    As technology continues to improve, so has the Vortex Air Torch™! MusicMedic's founder Curt Altarac travelled directly to the factory to make some changes. The result is a custom Air Torch™ which is entirely unique to us due to its upgraded components.

    The new and improved Vortex Air Torch™ has an attractive and sleek aluminum housing, but the biggest improvements are what's inside! The upgraded double-sided circuit board is custom designed and is far more durable and long lasting. The improved circuit board reduces the workload on the heating element so that it will last for much longer as well. The On/Off switch is upgraded with a sturdy switch. Setting the airflow and air temperature is now faster than ever! The air temperature and air speed are displayed via a digital screen. You can now program 3 custom temperature and airflow settings with our “Do”, “Re”, and “Mi” buttons. Another great new feature is when you take the torch handle from the holster, a blue light blinks to indicate that the torch is heating up. Normally, when you place the torch back in the holster, it begins to cool down. If desired, you can select the Manual override button, which disables the auto shut-off feature so you can continue to use the torch while it is stationary.

    The two meter long cord is a fire retardant silicon based cord that won't melt.

    Just like all of our electronics, we offer 1 year repair or replacement warranty on the Vortex Air Torch™, and we offer reasonable in-house repair service.

    Available in 110 volt version for the USA and a 220 volt version for Europe and Asia.

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  11. Economy Tenon Sizing Tool

    The Economy Tenon Sizing Tool resulted from customer requests to make a less expensive version of our Tenon Sizing Tool. This version features the same stainless steel construction and CNC craftmanship, but without the added cost and complexity of the adjustable cam system of the original tool. Shrinking is done with a twist of the included oversized handle.

    Collets sold separately here: Tenon Shrinking Collets

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