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Château Antique Finish Straight Soprano

Château Antique Finish Straight Soprano

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Château Antique Finish Straight Soprano


Château is one of the premier brands of saxophones made in Asia, with a variety of models from student level to professional. Chateau has a great reputation for producing consistently high quality instruments. The construction of these instruments is done in a similar fashion to instruments overhauled in our SaxProShop. Instruments travel from station to station in the factory and quality is checked during each step in the production process. This is different from other makers that check quality at the end of the process. This difference in production makes for instruments that last longer out of the box and that need fewer adjustments. Chateau Professional Models are assembled by hand to stringent quality standards.

This Château Antique Finish Professional Straight Soprano has a vintage brushed look that looks great from any angle! The rib construction of the posts makes for a sturdy instrument that will resist knocks and bumps and stay in adjustment. Comes with two necks, straight and curved for players convenience and intonation tendencies. The Red Brass Body (with 85% copper) has a warm sound and the intonation is surprisingly consistent This instrument is hand-engraved with luxuriant flowers on the body,bow,bell and bell rim. Keyed to High G.