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Metal Polishes and Cloths, Sterilizers, Hinge Tube Cleaners and Assembly Gloves.

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  1. MusicMedic Premium Micro Fiber Cloths

    Starting at: $9.75

    High quality lint- free Micro Fiber cloths for cleaning and protecting the the finish on your musical instrument. Learn More
  2. Wide-Mouth Wash Bottle With Curved Dispensing Tip

    This lightweight wash bottle is the perfect vehicle for storing cleaning solutions, water or acetone. Learn More
  3. Steel Flat-Top Cans with Brush Cap

    Starting at: $2.25

    Steel Flat-Top Cans with Brush Cap Learn More
  4. Chemical Labels

    Chemical Labels - sheet of 10 labels Learn More
  5. Genuine Chamois

    Out of stock

    These super soft chamois are unbeatable for cleaning and polishing without damaging the finish of an instrument.

    Learn More
  6. Protection Tape

    Starting at: $39.50

    Protection Tape
    Blue Low-Tack Tape: 2mm thickness - 1 to 3 oz/in Tack- Low Density Polyethylene
    Clear Medium-Tack Tape: 4mm thickness - 4 to 8 oz/in Tack- Low Density Polyethylene

    Learn More
  7. Connoisseur Polishing Cloth

    Starting at: $6.60

    This is our favorite precious metal polishing cloth. Some polishing cloths leave noticeable scratches in the silver body of the instrument. This polishing cloth leaves only a very smooth finish. Each cloth has two different surfaces - one for initial polish, and one for finishing. Learn More
  8. Assembly Gloves

    Cotton gloves are used in assembly facilities and factories to prevent oils from your hands getting on the surface of the instrument. They also keep fingerprints off an instrument and will save additional polishing time after final assembly. Gloves are one size fits all. Sold by the pair. Learn More
  9. Hinge Tube Cleaners

    Starting at: $1.50

    Hinge Tube Cleaners have long been a staple of our woodwind repair kits and sit on every bench in the Sax ProShop. Use these for removing oil, dust, dirt and grime from the inside of hinge tubes as well as other parts of the instrument. In the Sax ProShop we use these with Toluene. This size will work on all woodwind instruments. Learn More
  10. Wenol

    After searching and testing all metal polishing products available, we tested this excellent product on a suggestion from our good friend and fellow technician, Tom Sponik. Upon testing Wenol against other products we found it brought out a higher luster with a longer lasting shine. It is slightly more aggressive than Wright's silver polish and makes for a good quick polish if you need to shine up a bell or quickly take tarnish off an instrument. The convenient squeeze tube is more user friendly than liquid polishes and the polish will not run or drip onto pads. Wenol can be used on any bare metal surface. 100 ml / 3.98 oz Tube Learn More
  11. Sterisol Disinfectant

    Out of stock

    Sterisol Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes brass and woodwind mouthpieces and parts. Will not harm hard rubber mouthpieces. Learn More
  12. 3M Tarni-Shield Strips

    Safe to use with Silver, Nickel, Copper and Brass instruments. Place strip in case or bag with instrument to prevent tarnish. Protects for up to six months depending on exposure to air. Learn More

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12 Item(s)