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Sanding Sticks

Sanding Sticks and replacement Belts and Assortments.

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  1. Sanding Stick

    Starting at: $6.00

    Sanding sticks have adjustable, continuous sanding belts that are held in place by a spring-loaded mechanism. This allows you to rotate the belt as needed to expose a new sanding surface. Great for sanding hard-to-reach places, use them in any place where emery boards are useful. You can easily sand tech cork with these sanding sticks, or use the belts separately and cut them into strips for sanding cork under key feet

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  2. Combination India Oil Stone

    Double-sided sharpening stone with fine grit and coarse grit. Ideal for hand-sharpening knives, scrapers, and lathe bits. We keep our shop tools sharp using this stone and Ultimax Key Oil. Learn More
  3. Sanding Stick Replacement Grit

    Starting at: $2.40

    Replacement Sanding Belts for our Sanding SticksLearn More
  4. Emery Board (10 Pack)

    A great deal on a multipack of this handy abrasive stick. We find lots of reasons to use these in the shop, like sanding corks in hard to reach places, removing small burrs, shaping cork palm key risers, etc. Each double sided board has 220 and 320 grit to save time when you switch between grits. Learn More
  5. Open Sanding Mesh

    Starting at: $4.75

    A fast cutting, flexible abrasive strip that sands soft materials without clogging.

    Sold in 1 inch (25.5mm) wide x 12 inch (300mm) long strips and 25 yard (22.86m) Rolls

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5 Item(s)