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  1. Vortex Air Torch™ - Replacement Tips

    Starting at: $5.50

    The Vortex Air Torch Replacement Tips - replace just the heat resistant silicone tips, get an entire metal tip for more choice of sizes or to replace a missing part.

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  2. Brass Valve Felt Assortment

    Brass Valve Felt Assortment- an assortment of popular sizes of felt washers for Brass instrument valves. 30 pc per size. Learn More
  3. Open Hole Bushing Lifter

    A super high quality tool for lifting open hole flute bushings without tearing or distorting the pad underneath.

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  4. Brass Mouthpiece Shank Tool

    Brass Mouthpiece Shank Tool Learn More
  5. Woodwind Felt Assortment

    Woodwind Felt Assortment- An assortment of disks, bumpers and materials in all the popular colors. Learn More
  6. Brass Square Stock

    Starting at: $4.13

    Choosing the correct brass stock for your application can save time and make a job easier. Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. As levels of copper and zinc vary from one brass alloy to another so do the the properties of the brass, including its hardness. The Brass Rod listed here is highly machinable and fairly hard. It is excellent for key modifications, making posts, tool inserts, woodwind key extensions as well as most jobs that involve woodwind keys. Sold in 1 foot lengths. Available in bare brass only. Learn More
  7. Stainless steel Spring Wire

    Starting at: $3.30

    Stainless steel Spring Wire

    • sold in 12 inch lengths each
    • corrosion resistant
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  8. Blazer Stringray butane torch

    A powerful, portable butane refillable torch. The Stingray features a high quality anodized finish, gas flow adjustment lever and sturdy base for hands free work. Learn More
  9. Brass Instrument valve felts

    Starting at: $0.46

    High quality natural Wool Felts in popular thicknesses and diameters- sold individually with quantity discounts available. Learn More
  10. Open Sanding Mesh

    Starting at: $4.75

    A fast cutting, flexible abrasive strip that sands soft materials without clogging.

    Sold in 1 inch (25.5mm) wide x 12 inch (300mm) long strips 

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  11. Clarinet Bolt-on Alternate E-flat Key

    Starting at: $225.00

    With Rice Clarinet Works' Bolt-on Alternate E-flat Key, you'll be able to quickly and easily install the two main parts with simple hand tools (wrench included). Plus, it's completely removable at any time.

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    Starting at: $60.00

    Custom-length Carbon Fiber pegs for bass clarinet

    Available in 12” ,15” or 24" lengths

    Fits most fit Buffet, Selmer, and Yamaha Bass clarinets

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  13. Natural Sheet Cork-Long Sheets - (100mm x 280mm)

    Starting at: $22.20

    Natural Sheet Cork-Long Sheets - (100mm x 280mm)

    Natural cork sheets for jobs that require a longer length or for larger cork tenons. Just a little smaller than 4 x 11 3/4 inches (sized in metric)

    Dense, high quality cork for specialty woodwind work.

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  14. Red Wing Mouthpiece Taper Tool set

    From: $18.50

    To: $192.50

    Damage in lead pipes near the mouthpiece receiver is a common occurrence- this handy tool set allows you to round out the mouthpiece receiver and adjust the leadpipe on nearly any brass instrument. Learn More
  15. Feeler Gauge Assortment

    This Feeler Gauge Assortment for your padding work. Included are 2 delrin handles with O-rings and thicknesses of feelr material:

    Silver: 0.0005"

    Amber 0.001"

    Red 0.002”

    Green 0.003”

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  16. Chemical Labels

    Chemical Labels - sheet of 10 labels Learn More
  17. Water-Soluble Shim and Bladder Glue

    Our Water-Soluble Shim and Bladder Glue is a dual purpose adhesive for flute work. One use is for adhering shims to the back of the pad so that they stay in place each time the pad is reinstalled. The second purpose is to aid in re-skinning a flute pad. Learn More
  18. Small Post Fitting Pliers

    The Small Post Fitting Pliers are designed to work with smaller woodwind instruments. These pliers will allow you to swedge posts on flute, oboe and clarinet, as well as saxophone side keys where the Large Post Fitting Pliers don't reach. Use these pliers on any instrument post where clearance is an issue. Learn More
  19. Pump Dispenser Bottle with Flip Top Cap

    Pump Dispenser Bottle with Flip Top Cap- Solvent safe! Learn More
  20. Parallel Spring Inserting Pliers

    Our Parallel Spring Inserting Pliers feature stainless steel jaws with smooth edges that will not mar posts.

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  21. Large Post Fitting Pliers

    Our large post fitting pliers are a specialized tool for reducing the center hole of a woodwind post to remove play between the post and rod that travels through it. When the hole in a post is too large for the rod that travels through it, even properly fitted keys are noisy and difficult to adjust. Precision adjustments are nearly impossible. Until we designed these pliers, fixing these posts was very difficult. Technicians would need to float solder into the post head, sleeve the post head, oversize the rod or, in the case where it is the last post on a stack, split the end of the screw slot. These procedures are very time consuming or unsightly. Fitting posts with these pliers takes seconds and the resulting job is invisible and long-lasting.

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  22. Parallel Spring Removing Pliers

    These beautiful pliers are just plain awesome. If you've ever had to remove a spring that has broken off inside or flush with the post before, you're familiar with the risk of moving the post, scratching the post, and generally how challenging it can be to access the broken spring from the desired angle.

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  23. Open Hole Flute Tool

    This compact 2-in-1 tool will streamline your open hole flute padding.  It tackles two common problems that occur during the padding process: bushings (or grommets) getting spread, and pad cup chimneys getting crushed in. 

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  24. Black Pearl Palm Key Risers

    Starting at: $24.00

    Somewhere near the center of the earth, a rare element was discovered by the Sax ProShop's own Ryan Walker. He named the element of swirling beauty Ryanite and brought it at once to the Sax ProShop where he began his top-secret testing. He emerged with the most striking palm key risers ever seen and they are now available to saxophone players everywhere!

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  25. Bent Nose Pliers

    These simple pliers are likely to be your first grab when assembling and disassembling. Learn More
  26. Flat Nose Pliers

    Starting at: $13.50

    These Flat nosed Pliers have a narrow beak and smooth jaws. They are perfect for grabbing springs, bending keys, and many other shops use. The narrow jaws are very good for reaching in places that your Duckbill pliers will not reach.

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  27. Crocus Cloth

    Crocus Cloth is like a more durable sandpaper made from cloth so that it can withstand liquids and repeated use.

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  28. Rubber Plugs

    Starting at: $0.35

    A variety of silicone replacement plugs are available individually for the MusicMedic Leak Tester and Mini Leak Tester in case one from your clarinet or flute plug sets wear out or gets lost.

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