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About Us is a world recognized leader in pioneering and changing the way people use and think about their band instruments through education, improved tools, supplies, and techniques. A company founded and run by musicians, is rapidly growing, focusing on serving band instrument customers across the world, at every level of repair and production, and synergistically using all parts of our business to provide a quality customer experience.  The three facets of the company are woodwind repair tools and supplies, woodwind pad manufacturing, and a professional saxophone repair shop. All three work together in a symbiotic relationship, resulting in innovative solutions and creative, new ideas.

MusicMedic offers a wide array of repair tools and supplies and is the sole distributor of Ultimax Lubricants, RooPads, Tech-Cork, Triumph Lubricant, SaxGourmet Pads, and all MusicMedic Pads. Novice repair technicians and school programs who are doing some of their own repairs enjoy the articles, online support, low minimum quantities and free shipping at Larger repair shops and instrument manufacturers use for our attention to detail, large quantity discounts, and fast, attentive service.

PadCompany is proud to manufacture woodwind pads on-site in Wilmington, NC, USA. The PadCompany, in addition to making top quality pads for the woodwind repair industry, is the creator of RooPads ™ and Saxgourmet ™ Pads. The PadCompany is able to make custom pads for just about any instrument. Our Sax ProShop technicians act as in-house R&D, testing and playing new pad lines, and improving on our already extensive line.

Sax ProShop

Professional saxophonists worldwide rely on the Sax ProShop for the highest level work possible. The only assembly-line repair shop in the world, it was founded with the vision of improving saxophones through innovative and revolutionary repair techniques. The Sax ProShop itself has expanded to include a showroom, with a growing number of the finest saxophones for sale, including Theo Wanne, Antigua, Chateau, and Saxgourmet. With the resources of the PadCompany and the Sax ProShop, can offer each one of these horns with a unique and customized set-up for the player. Most recently the ProShop has embarked on the exciting project of making a saxophone.

No matter how many instruments you repair or need to be repaired, is your first resource. is a hard-working company of musicians and repair technicians working and playing together. It is our passion for music and for our customers that drives us. We empower musicians every day. 

Please look over our site and contact us if you have any questions. We all look forward to hearing from you! 
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