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The Wilmington Alto-Battle Axe

The Wilmington Alto-Battle Axe

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Everything about the Battle Axe, the name we've given this saxophone, is the exact same high-quality one would expect from our standard line of the Wilmington saxophone. The difference is in the color and the underlying material of the body. A satin finish over the hard nickel plate gives this instrument and incredibly unique and some might say burly appearance. The gray and rugged look of this solid and well thought out instrument is where it gets its name Battle Axe.


The world deserves a saxophone that is made well, plays great and in tune and is completely repairable. The Wilmington Alto Sax is exactly that. An amazingly solid and well made saxophone that is not unbelievably expensive. Don’t be fooled by the reasonable price of this outstanding saxophone, it is made thoughtfully and solidly and under the watchful eye of the Sax ProShop.

The Wilmington Alto Sax is the first of our new line of outstanding imported instruments which will eventually include the entire family of saxophones, clarinets and flutes. The Wilmington alto is made by a very small factory that, until now, has not exported to the US. This factory is owned and managed by our good friend whose primary interest is continuous improvement in techniques and production. Every single part of the instrument is made in this factory, so we have a lot of control over the design and construction. This alto was designed according to our specifications and using a lot of techniques we learned from all of our factory visits over the years. We have helped change bore taper, tone hole locations, and key design greatly. The Wilmington alto is a great no nonsense instrument, priced as a student level instrument but standing up mechanically against many professional models. It plays with a warm, clean tone and has a big low end. The engraving on the bell was designed by Jaice Dumars and carried out with traditional hand engraving techniques.

  • Special features of this Saxophone include:
  • Key contacts under Side Bb, C, and E. High F# key. Adjustable Low C# to Low B mechanism.
  • Most of the keys are mounted on pivot screws instead of rods for a longer lasting setup.
  • All screws and rods are stainless steel to avoid rusting.
  • The octave stem is designed to sit below the tenon to reduce the possibility of getting bent in the case.
  • The springs are blue steel.
  • All replacement parts are available from

Every saxophone is inspected, play tested, and adjusted at the Sax ProShop, plus, comes with a 6 month warranty against factory defect. The return policy is good for 5 days after receipt provided that the saxophone is returned in perfect condition. Comes with a stock mouthpiece and ligature, a swab, microfiber polishing cloth, cork grease, Ultimax Key Oil, and a backpack style reinforced case. Anyone interested in purchasing a quantity of 5 or more for their rental fleet or school is invited to call us for a special bulk discount price.