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Buescher Aristocrat Alto-96

Buescher Aristocrat Alto-96

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One of our most popular saxophones, this Buescher Aristocrat Alto will be receiving what our customers have come to regard as our classic treatment: an Uberhaul with full cosmetic restoration and all of our most popular Buescher modifications. A taller Low C key guard allows us to set up the key height properly so the Low D isn't stuffy or out of tune. The Low C# minibal mechanism allows us to properly set up the Low C# key height for great intonation and tone, in addition to optimal touch-piece placement and smooth operating action. Key contacts are installed for G, High E, and side C to give the keys a solid point of contact, and a half guide is installed for side Bb to give the key stability. Adjustment screws are installed in the F# to G# and F# to Bb to allow for simple and reliable set-up. All of those modifications have been developed over the years at the Sax ProShop as we strive to perfect the tone, intonation, and feel on an already terrific and iconic instrument.

During the course of the Uberhaul, this Buescher Aristocrat alto will be receiving our custom satin silver finish with bright highlights, new gold plated springs, new pearls, and RooPads EXTREMES, the finest professional saxophone pad in the universe, using its original snap-in resonators.

All of our saxophones come with Pad Magic, Ultimax Key Oil, a Microfiber Cloth, a Swab, and plated horns come with Tarnishield Strips. No mouthpiece or case included. We do have some older cases, so if you are interested let us know and we'll see what we can find. We recommend purchasing a new sturdy case and can help you find the right one if you would like.

All of our vintage saxophones undergo an Uberhaul, which you can learn more about here . The workmanship on all Uberhauls is guaranteed . All Uberhauled saxophones are eligible for a C.O.A. (Clean Oil and Adjust), which is our yearly service plan that restores instruments to a freshly Uberhauled state, and is also a great time to make further personal adjustments or modifications. Shipping in the lower 48 states is free, but international shipping is also available. We have worked with the postal service to develop the safest possible shipping method so your new saxophone will arrive in excellent condition. Customers are also welcome to come to the Sax ProShop in Wilmington, NC to pick up your new saxophone: take this opportunity to play test your new horn and work briefly with a specialized technician to make some final minor adjustments.

This Uberhaul is still in progress! Reserve this instrument now to receive a 10% discount. Early reservation will allow you to make further customization's to your new saxophone, such as choosing the kind of pads and resonators to be installed!