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Gloger Saxophone Necks

Gloger Handkraft necks are premium replacement saxophone necks hand made in the netherlands by Karsten Gloger. These necks are custom made for your instrument from solid high density copper, solid high density silver, or solid gold (by special order).

Gloger necks are well known for their open sound and full bodied tone. They can also greatly improve intonation and response in the very low and highest notes on an instrument. is honored to be the US importer of Gloger necks. Gloger necks are available for most models of saxophone, including double socket necks and underslung octave mechanisms. If you do not see your specific model please contact us.

Please be aware that the Gloger necks are hand made by a craftsman in a small shop. There is no guaranteed delivery time for special order necks. Necks are usually completed in 2 months, however, we have waited for as much as one year for necks to arrive. If you special order Gloger necks, be prepared to wait, it's worth it! Although has some stock of Gloger necks, we do not have all of the necks listed below in stock. Before you purchase a neck, please check our return policy for in stock and special order necks. If you would like to know if your particular neck is in stock, please contact us.