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Leak Detection

Leak Detection

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  1. Wooden Key Wedges

    Key wedges work very well to hold keys closed during repair. Key wedges are useful when holding keys closed to check for and remove leaks in woodwind instruments, as well as wedging keys closed overnight to seat pads. They can also be used to hold keys shut during shipping.

    Package of 25 wedges Learn More
  2. 18" (457.2mm) Flexible LeakLight

    Starting at: $17.00

    Great tool for finding leaks in woodwind instruments. We have found this leak light particularly useful for instruments such as, soprano sax, baritone sax, clarinet, flute, or any instrument whose shape or size prohibit the use of other leak lights. Because this leak light is flexible and durable, it is also a great for traveling.

    Our 220v leak light has a standard European style plug. Adapters

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  3. SuperNova LED Leaklight

    Starting at: $105.00

    The SuperNova is's 360 degree LED LeakLight. This small and super bright professional LED LeakLight will fit into any size instrument. It does not give off heat and is extremely durable.

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  4. SuperNova LED Leaklight Switch

    SuperNova LED Leaklight Switch Learn More
  5. Leak Tester

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    Because the Leak Tester is so sensitive, it can be used after the leak light and feeler gauge as a secondary leak tester. It is also an excellent demonstration tool for your customers. Using the Leak Tester, you can quickly test an entire flute before doing leak work, then test it again after the work is complete. It is also possible to use the Leak Tester to test for leaks in individual pads on flute, wooden instrument bodies, brass tubing or any part of any instrument that can be sealed on both ends.

    ( Leak Tester Instructions can be found here)

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  6. Leak Tester Accessories

    Starting at: $2.00 Leak Tester Accessories Learn More
  7. Neck Checker

    Starting at: $46.00

    The Neck Checker allows you to check the seal of a saxophone neck tenon. Its slick design and easy operation seal the neck from the rest of the instrument below the tenon and receiver. This allows you to check for leaks in the Tenon. You can use this tool with a suction test or attach the Leak Tester to find leaks at the tenon, solder joints, or even the smallest crack in the tubing.

    The Neck Checker gets its design from a tool originally made by Benedikt Eppelsheim in Munich, Germany.

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  8. Neck Checker-Replacement Parts

    Starting at: $4.50

    Neck Checker-Replacement Parts Learn More

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