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Straight Files & Broaches

Premium Quality Swiss files and Broaches. Both flat and curved files are available in coarse and fine grits and in various sizes.

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  1. Teborg Swiss Needle File Set

    This premium quality needle file set is excellent for doing fine precision work. Cut #2: half moon, flat, flat tapered, 4-sided, 3-sided, and round with a carrying case. We use these files nearly every day for key modification work; a must-have for any shop that is tired of their regular needle files breaking and dulling quickly. Not for use on steel.

    Twelve 5.5 inch (14cm) files in a Trifold case(15.2cm) case Learn More
  2. Broaches

    This assortment of 12 tapered broaches contains all the necessary sizes for use on woodwinds. These tools are excellent whenever a non-threaded hole needs to be enlarged or rounded. We use these for enlarging flat spring holes, spring holes in posts and other general purpose work. These broaches are not recommended for use on hinge tubes as they are designed to cut a tapered hole. Assortment covers drill sizes 30-70.

    Can be used with any of our pin vises. We highly recommend using these broaches with our Swivel Head Pin Vise because it can hold any of the sizes in this assortment. Learn More
  3. Hand Files

    Starting at: $16.65

    An excellent quality file is a very useful tool in a woodwind or brass repair shop. Both flat and curved files are available in coarse and fine grits. The curved file features a flat side and curved side for reaching areas the flat file cannot. Use these files for making or altering any woodwind key or brass surface. If you find that you need a file for brass and steel, you may want to order two sets rather than using one file for both metals. No shop can be without a set of these excellent Swiss made files.

    6.0 inch (150mm) File Surface Learn More
  4. Wooden File Handle

    For some, there is no substitute for a good wooden file handle. The smooth and rounded edges of this file fit the hand very well. Press the end of your file in to the hole in the handle of this tool and tap it in place with a mallet. Remove the file and reuse the handle when the file becomes dull.

    Length: 4.25 inches or 11.0cm. Learn More
  5. Plastic File Handle

    This heavy duty file handle will last through the life of many files. Insert the file into the threaded end of the handle and screw into place. The file self centers and will not move once in place. To remove the file from the handle unscrew the file from the handle and insert a new file.

    Length: 4 inches or 101mm. Learn More

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5 Item(s)