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Anvils and Blocks

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  1. Cutting and Punching Bench Block

    This cutting or punching block is excellent for shop work. It is large enough to be very useful in the shop and is made from the high density plastic that will not dull blades. Use this block to cut corks and felts at the bench or under any hole punches to keep their blades sharp.

    4 inches (101 mm) square Learn More
  2. MusicMedic Punch

    What does it do?

    • Installs (splits) rivets
    • Presses in plastic resonator buttons
    • Punches 3mm holes into 4mm holes (for custom resonators or our Plastic Resos)
    • General bench-top press- more accessories to come
    • Can be bolted to the worktop, but does not need to be- heavy cast construction
    • No tools required to change between jobs

    Replacement punches and rivet splitters available separately. Looking for parts?

    Learn More
  3. Bench Anvil

    Starting at: $16.50

    Precision leveled bench anvils. Bench anvils are used for so many jobs around the shop including: Installing resonators on sax pads, leveling woodwind key cups, flaring woodwind springs, straightening small rods etc. Use this anvil anytime a flat hard surface is required. offers more sizes of steel bench anvils than any other supplier. Choose exactly the size you need or, take advantage of our free shipping on this heavy item and get all three. Learn More
  4. Bench Block with Base

    This bench block promises to be one of the most useful tools that you have at your repair bench. Coming with a rubber, removable base, it adds a grip and stability that other blocks do not. You can use this block anytime you need a flat hard surface, from flattening the shellac on a pad to straightening needle springs. Learn More
  5. Bench Peg

    Starting at: $12.00

    A high quality Bench Peg is a must for any repair bench. We chose aluminum and delrin for our bench peg materials and chamfered all the edges to help from marring necks and tenons. When mounting the peg in your bench use a 3/8" (9.5mm) drill bit. Learn More

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5 Item(s)