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  1. Sterisol Disinfectant

    Sterisol Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes brass and woodwind mouthpieces and parts. Will not harm hard rubber mouthpieces. Learn More
  2. Got A Gig Palm Key Risers

    Out of stock

    These Saxophone Palm Key Risers by Got A Gig Music are made from beautiful Ebony, Cocobolo and Walnut hardwoods. Each palm key riser is handmade and custom finished to fit the palm keys on saxophones. They are coated with a durable polyurethane for an amazing look and feel. Each riser is an individual combination of function and art, comfortable, smooth, and attractive. Learn More
  3. Vortex Air Torch™-Replacement Tips

    Vortex Air Torch™ - Replacement Tips

    High temperature silicone, sized to fit your 3 Air Torch™ nozzles.

    Learn More
  4. Selmer Style Thumb Hooks Parts

    Starting at: $3.00

    These replacement parts were modeled after the Mark VI right hand Thumb Hook. The components will fit vintage Selmer saxophones from early Mark VI through S-80 Series II. Please note the Tear Drop and Screw will not work with Selmer Series III saxophones. In addition, they can be used as replacement parts on other brands of Saxophones that are in the Selmer Style. These will also work with the Gold Plated Thumb Hook. Learn More
  5. Wagner Chamois Swab

    Probably the Finest Clarinet Swab on the Planet. Handmade for us by Master clarinet technician Michael Wagner, this is the last swab you will ever need to buy. Learn More
  6. MusicMedic Premium Micro Fiber Cloths

    Starting at: $9.00

    High quality lint- free Micro Fiber cloths for cleaning and protecting the the finish on your musical instrument. Learn More
  7. Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Refacing Kit

    If you know anything about mouth piece refacing, you're likely already familiar with Theo Wanne. His mouthpiece refacing kit has what you need to get started on learning to repair and alter mouthpieces. Theo's 16 page full color book has comprehensive illustrations, instructions, and guides, and is the most concise and to-the-point resource on mouthpiece repair and refacing. Learn about the tools in the kit, tip size, facing curves, table flattening, measuring, adjusting tip rails, and forming baffles. Theo includes several sets of numbers to work with as you learn the basics and start to develop your own ideal mouthpiece measurements.
    This set comes in a beautiful storage box and contains the 16 page guide, the Digital Mouthpiece Tip Gauge which is the most precise mouthpiece tip measuring tool we have seen, the Feeler Set for measuring table and lay, and a Glass Gauge to measure mouthpiece facings. All you need are a few practice mouthpieces, sandpaper in grits from 600-2000, a solid flat work surface like the Glass Work Plate, and a needle file set like the Teborg Swiss Needle File Set.
    Learn More
  8. Saxgourmet Power Pips

    Starting at: $65.00

    Steve Goodson's Power octave pips can correct many difficulties with uneven scale and eliminate the annoying whisper often heard in the upper register. Learn More
  9. Saxgourmet 3 Ring Neck Strap Ring

    Starting at: $35.00

    The three ring design allows the player to tailor the geometry of the way the horn hangs from the body to suit their individual physique and comfort. It also allows the use of a greater variety of neck strap designs, and allows doublers to quickly change horns without adjusting their strap. Learn More
  10. Saxgourmet Key Clamps

    Starting at: $80.00

    Steve Goodson's key clamps are well designed and are the most saxophone friendly clamps on the market. The clamps are fully adjustable and can be bent so that they will work on all brands of saxophones. Learn More
  11. Saxgourmet Neck Enhancer

    Starting at: $75.00

    The Neck Enhancer works on all models of saxophones and mouthpieces and is easily removed. The enhancer can be used with the mouthpieces of different chamber diameters by merely changing the O ring. It automatically adjusts itself to the optimum position. Just insert and play! Learn More
  12. MusicMedic Comfort Thumb Hook

    Starting at: $3.00

    This is the most comfortable thumb hook on the market. This thumb hook has an added place for the tip of your thumb to rest on. The difference this makes is unbelievable. Learn More
  13. SG Voodoo Pad Juice

    If your horn has older pads that have lost their flexibility and don't seal, Voodoo Pad Juice will bring them back to life and restore playability. It also significantly reduces pad sticking caused by hard, older pads. Each bottle contains enough Voodoo Pad Juice to treat about six saxophones, and comes with its own applicator attached.

    *Please note that SG Voodoo Pad Juice has a very strong aroma (which most consider to be pleasant!)

    Learn More
  14. Mojos Never Stick Pad Powder

    Make sticking pads a thing of the past! Just clean the tone hole tops (this is essential) and apply Mojo's with the applicator attached to the bottle, and voila! No more sticking pads! Each bottle contains enough Mojo's to treat about a dozen saxophones. Although sticking pads is not an issue with RooPads, sometimes tan saxophone pads stick, especially if you don't swab out your horn! To solve this problem we take some of Steve Goodson's Mojo's pad powder and rub it into a strip of Ultra Suede. We then swipe the pad with the key on the instrument by pulling the ultra suede between the pad and the tone hole to apply the pad powder.

    *Please note that Mojos Never Stick Powder has a very strong aroma (which most consider to be pleasant!)

    Learn More
  15. Universal Saxophone Neck Bag

    Our universal neck bag was designed for saxophonists who use a variety of mouthpieces. The micro fiber inner portion protects the finish of your neck and will not tarnish silver or other metals. The firm neoprene foam protects both mouthpiece and neck. Learn More

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