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What to expect when you pick up your freshly Uberhauled saxophone

Art Sherrod Jr. stopped by the shop on Friday to pick up his newly Uberhauled horns. We were thrilled to have him in-house, and we walked him through the ProShop, explaining each of the stations his horns went through during the Uberhauls. We also showed Art some basic repair techniques that he can use while he's on the road to keep his horns in tip-top shape, and made some minor adjustments to get the horns feeling and playing just the way Art wanted.


We encourage all of our customers to make a trip to the Sax ProShop and pick up their Uberhauled saxophone.  We enjoy meeting each of our customers, and it gives them a chance to work with us to make any final adjustments.  Our goal is to make each instrument play and feel the best it ever has, and exactly as the customer wants.

When you come to pick up your saxophone, we will give you a tour through the shop, introducing you to each of our specialized technicians and explaining the journey your horn went through during the Uberhaul.  Throughout your time in the shop, you can work with each of our technicians, utilizing their specialized skills to make adjustments, and get the instrument feeling and playing just as you have always wanted.  Nothing is too far-fetched and most changes can happen within your visit - you don't have to be a rock star to be picky; we want the instrument to be all it can be, for YOU.


As we wrap up your visit, we will ensure you are pleased with your "new" saxophone, and if you have time to stick around, there is a good chance Curt will open his gin (rapidly becoming whiskey) closet for a tasty cocktail to end the day.