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We're in! A building update

About 8 months ago I posted about this building that we bought and our crazy plan to for fixing it up. I promised some updates along the way. Then, it started, the huge undertaking of renovating a 40,000sqft warehouse including indoor parking a new shop, the supply house, storage, a residence etc... Well, the updates didn't happen but the work did! Everyone at buckled down and got to work. The place is still under construction but we're in! We made it thanks to the great crew here at and all the awesome repair techs and players that have supported us.

Thank you.

We started what is essentially a second business with a second crew working day and night on this project. To give you an idea of the scope, it took over 500 gallons of paint to cover the walls and ceiling, and we're still going.

We tried to make this project and our business as green as possible. For instance, in the shop we're not using any toxic chemicals -but I'll tell you more about the shop as we set it up (I promise). In the building, we're trying to use day lighting. When we started, the place was dark; and by dark I mean bump-into-walls cave-dark. Now, I'm sitting in my office with no lights on! The glass block windows and the light tube give plenty of light. The lights in the offices are all LED lights and run on about 15 watts each. The shipping area and the shop have 11 eight foot long sky lights. During the daytime there is no need to have the lights on at all.

The flooring is recycled rubber material that's nearly 3/4" thick! It feels great on the feet and should save our backs. The offices have cork flooring, the most renewable flooring anywhere! The paint, wall board and most other materials we used are green.

It's not easy to give you an idea of the building or the scale of this project with a camera. Hopefully this helps you get an idea.

In the beginning we decided that the place was too ugly to take 'before' pictures of. So, luckily there are not too many before pictures. If you're really curious you can check google maps street view here for an idea of what it looked like.

The retaining wall out front needed to be repaired. This is the same wall that Google maps brought you to.

First we fixed up the courtyard adding glass block, doors, paint etc.. That glass block work is my (Curt)first attempt at installing block.

The Door's are the old-school heavy-metal doors with wavy glass. They had too much character to replace so we stripped them down to bare metal and repainted them. Note the new glass and all new new power lines. When the "house" is done, this courtyard will be my backyard.

We repaired the wall and built pillars. Every pillar is tied into a "dead man" which is an anchor burried behind the wall to keep it from falling over. This is something that should have been done when the wall was built and something you can't see in the pictures as they are buried.

Added some caps to the pillars.

Built a fence and a gate in between the pillars. Next year, after the wood has dried, we'll paint it.

This area will look even better when we get that tree trimmed up, the fence painted and some trees planted at the curb.

This building, on the left, is going to be the 'house.' There are about 14 large block windows that will go into this front face of the building.

Now the parking deck... If you checked out the Google view of the place, you would need to go around the corner to see this side of the building.

The parking deck is still in progress. Although it's nearly complete, we still need lights and power. It's hard to take pictures in there without enough light but it's absolutely awesome in there now. The walls and ceilings have all been pressure washed and painted.

First we cut out the old loading dock and 700 sqft of slab in the building along with 3 door openings.

Then we built a 70 foot long ramp that runs from the street and 35 feet into the building.

We added some paint and a key pad for the door. The trim still needs paint and that will happen next week after the rain!

Jon's truck was the first one up the new ramp! 

Now for the shop and offices. I'm glad I don't have any before pictures for you. The offices and new shop are so great, I don't want you to know!

The shop was built inside a 20,000 sqft part of the warehouse. There is a ton of room for storage and expansion all around it.

Here is the shipping area, shop and office hall during the sheet rocking.

Shipping area

Saxophone repair shop

Here they are with a coat of paint

Shipping area

Saxophone repair shop

Finally on our first day at the new place, were still setting up but you can see how it will look.



The offices came out great but I don't have many pictures for you yet...

Well, looking these pictures over it's clear that giving you an idea of this project is not going to be easy using this media. So, you're going to have to come check us out!

You are cordially invited to come by for a visit!

Thanks again everyone. This was/is a huge project and one that could only be done with the help of many-many people.