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The weather outside is frightful!

Here we are, the day before the big NAPBIRT regional clinic at and the weather is getting bad:

The band is ready to play, the girls at Flaming Amy's are ready with 50 Burritos, a case of wine is here waiting, some of the clinicians are already in town and the regional clinic is about to be underway.

That said, there are some folks that are asking if we will reschedule this event due to bad weather. If this were a normal NAPBIRT regional clinic, I would say it should be rescheduled. But, this is the SAXOPHONE SMACKDOWN! People are already here and coming to the shop. There are two techs from Chile who will be here in a couple of minutes, two techs from California are in town and one clinician from CA is in town. People are coming in from WI, OR, OH, VA, TN, NY, ABC, PDQ, you name it.

So, we're going to go on with the clinic.

That said, if you're planning on driving in from PA or VA leave early. We have a pot of coffee on and will be here in the shop to greet you when you arrive.

Get over to now, -the weather here is chilly but quite nice.