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Uberhaul with Jim Schmidt Pads!

The latest saxophone that received an Uberhaul at the Sax ProShop was Patrick's Conn Transitional Alto. Not only did it receive a full mechanical restoration along with various modifications, but we also installed a set of Jim Schmidt'sBlack Gold Pads. Jim has been a close friend of Curt's for many years. Rumor has it that they've even shared hotel rooms in the past! During all this time, Jim has continuously pushed the limits of saxophone repair and continues to do so every day. He is the only technician in the United States who makes saxophones completely from scratch. How amazing!

We love using his Gold and Black Gold pads at the Sax ProShop, because they are easy to install, are not sticky or noisy, and they always prove to make the instrument sound great. Jim makes these pads in small batches at a time and keeps improving them. You will find that once these pads are installed, they last an exceptionally long time without re-padding. Another unique thing to mention for our eco-conscious friends is that Jim Schmidt's pads will make a saxophone Uberhaul completely vegan.

As you can see in these photos of Patrick's alto, the pads look beautiful, too! For more pictures of Patrick's horn, visit his Glamour Shots page. Jim Schmidt pads are one of your options for every Uberhaul, along with our RooPads and Saxgourmet Pads. For more information, shoot us an email: