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True Tone Saxophone Left Hand Table key modifications

True Tone LH Table Modifications

Today we're finishing up an overhaul on a very nice True Tone Alto. The horn was in good physical condition when I started the overhaul. Now it's tight and fast with great intonation. One modification I like to install on True Tones is the low Bb spatula on the LH table. The original LH table forces the player to push their littlest finger down when playing low Bb. For me, this makes the low Bb very hard to get to. As you can see in the picture, I have added a low Bb key with a roller to allow the player to travel out to the low Bb. This makes playing low notes on a True Tone a lot easier.

Also pictured is a LH mechanism modification on a very old Buescher Baritone Sax that Matt and I did a few months ago. This horn went to the plater and is now back in the hands of the player. On this Bari, we added a Low Bb spatula, removing the Buescher Pearl G# and replacing it with an Aristocrat G# key. When the plating was done and the rollers installed, this mod looked great.

This baritone, underwent extensive surgery including major dent work, additional guards, LH mods, additional contact on the RH side keys, tone hole rebuilding and replacement pad cup on the low Bb. Actually, there were too many mods to mention! This old True Tone Baritone is probably the coolest High Eb Baritone on the planet.


True Tone LH Table Modifications