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air_torch_ready_to_ship customers work hard with the tools they purchase. Band instrument repair technicians, and even hobbyists, can't afford to and shouldn't have to throw away a tool simply because it's a little worn down or has some small problem. However, that is the most common response when it tool breaks. Most repairers will throw it away and buy a new one if they can't figure out how to fix it themselves.

Did you know that has a Repair and Warranty Department for the tools we sell? When you buy a tool from, you're buying the tool and the service that we offer. Of course, we don't build every tool that we sell, as that would require equipment such as large stamping presses, plastic injection molders, and tooling no one wants us to buy.

But did you know that we work directly with the manufacturers to ensure that the quality of our tools is at a level that we can both stand behind and our customers can afford? In working with the manufacturers on various tools, we are able to improve the quality and the life of the tool. We have also learned about how the tool works, how we can repair it, and what issues might come up in the future.

With this knowledge, we stock our Repair and Warranty Department with the tools and parts they need to repair the tools we sell. So, if you have a tool that you purchased from and you have any problem, we invite you to contact us and make use of our skilled staff and knowledgeable technicians. If your Z-Gun stops dispensing, your Vortex Air Torch™ isn't heating properly, or even if your Nova Leak Light isn't as bright as it once was, contact us. Our goal is to make your life easy and keep your tools working great.

Of course we want to sell tools that will last a lifetime, but if they don't we want to help you stay in business and keep on fixing horns.