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The RSQ at FSU

photo by Malcolm Crowthers

When I started playing saxophone in Cambridge NY, I had no idea that the world's most respected classical saxophonist had retired to a small town bordering mine. After some time, I learned about Mr. Rascher and heard his music as well as the music of the quartet he founded "The Rascher Saxophone Quartet" (RSQ). While studying saxophone at Fredonia, I attended a workshop given by The Rascher Saxophone Quartet and it changed my life. During that camp I decided my ambition was to play in a saxophone quartet. Since that time, I've attended and enjoyed many RSQ workshops and many of the decisions I've made about music and business have been based on my desire to play in a quartet similar to the RSQ.

I've also had the honor of doing saxophone repair work for members of the RSQ and once went on a playing tour (duo baritone saxes!) with Kenneth Coon, the baritone saxophonist of the RSQ. Needless to say, this quartet and all they have done have greatly impacted my life for the better.

This year the Rascher Saxophone Quartet is doing a special workshop in the US at Florida State University. 'Special' for many reasons: First, three of the current members in the quartet are past students of Patrick Meighan, professor of saxophone at FSU. So this should be a sort of homecoming for the RSQ. Also, FSU is the home of the MANA Quartet, winners of the recent 63rd Annual Coleman International Chamber Ensemble Competition. MANA is the first saxophone quartet in the history of the competition to take home the top prize! Aside from the RSQ (isn't that enough?) and the MANA Quartet the Trio Bel Canto will be in attendance.

The Trio Bel Canto is a group of amazing players that you must hear to believe. The Trio is comprised of Alto Sax (Patrick Meighan), Tenor Sax (John Moore) and Piano (Krista Wallace-Boaz). I've heard this nationally acclaimed ensemble perform many times and it's always outstanding. I heard from Patrick Meighan this morning that the Trio may be performing on the evening concert at the workshop.

This means, The Rascher Saxophone Quartet will be under the same roof as the Trio Bel Canto, the hugely acclaimed FSU saxophone studio, the MANA quartet as well as all the amazing players from around the world that attend RSQ workshops, for a whole week. Wow, this will be nothing short of spectacular!

This is an event that should not be missed. I highly recommend that all my saxophone friends out their sign up for the RSQ workshop at FSU. I do not know how many spaces are left at the workshop, but I do know that spaces are limited. For all current and past students of mine this workshop is mandatory!
Every workshop I've been to included meals and lodging. The cost is extremely reasonable and the food is always good!

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