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The Air Torch™ rocks

Sometimes I have to admit I was wrong. Usually I that's not so easy, this time it's a piece of cake. I was wrong about the Vortex Air Torch™ that's for sale at I've shown this tool around at various trade shows and to many-many technicians who were hoping to that this tool would replace the overly hot and dangerous gas torches at their benches.

I've been telling technicians that the Air Torch™ is great but it will not replace a torch. "It's a tool that complements the torch but you still need a torch..." I was wrong. I'm over the flame, I'm sick of the danger and the burnt felt and corks. As time has passed, I pushed the torch further and further to the back of my padding bench.

Today I realized that I haven't used my torch in weeks. I looked over at Kellie's padding bench and noticed she doesn't even have a torch, just the Air Torch™. I asked her about it and she just looked at me like I'm old and old fashioned and said, "yeah Curt, why would I need a torch?" Good question really...

So, I'm trowing off the shackles and I'm only using the Air Torch™ from now on! No more burnt anything!

There is one problem... One of the things we like to do in the shop is slice a banana and sprinkle sugar on it. Then, we heat the sugar with the padding torch to make a little sweet banana treat. I'm going to have to let you know if the Air Torch™ can do this. If not, I may have a good place to store my padding torch. -In the break room!

Just thought I would share.