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Starting a new project here at the Sax ProShop...

Today is an important day in Sax ProShop history! Over the years, we've learned a lot about making the mechanisms on the saxophone near perfect. We can also tune saxophones without a problem. In fact, I dare say that, given enough time and money, we can make any saxophone play in tune. What we can't do and what I've never known anyone to be able to do, is really change the sound predictably. Sure we can make a horn brighter or darker but we can't turn a Selmer into a Yamaha or make a Buescher sound like a Yanagisawa. This is what we want to learn. Maybe we'll take this knowledge and make a saxophone, maybe we'll just use it to improve our work. At this point it's not important, what we want to do is learn.

So today, we are starting to experiment with body tapers. We've retapered a lot of necks and things but now we're starting from scratch. With this sheet of brass and these pieces of delrin, a lathe and some torches, we're going to make bodies of various tapers. This will allow us to understand first hand, as players, what body tapers on the saxophone as well as brass thickness do to the sound. As usual, we're going to learn by doing and experiencing first hand. wish us luck! Like we always do, we'll share the results of this experiment with you as we learn.