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Some great new files

It's kind of funny the things that excite a repair technician. In my shop I was struggling with files that I didn't really care for. So about 6 months ago I bought all new files. This made my repair-shop life a lot easier. Manufacturing keys and such is a breeze with good files. I'll never go back to inferior files in my shop. I've gone ahead and added the most popular files in my drawers to the website.

With some great new hand files and killer tone hole drill-file set, work has been a day in the park lately.

I use the coarse file for cutting and removing metal. The fine file is perfect for taking out the large file marks or removing small amounts of metal. The fine hand file on the site is so nice parts go directly from the file to the buffer.

life is good.

If you have a favorite shape that you like to use in your own repairs, please drop me a line and I'll try and get them in stock.

Here is a link to our files:

All the best!