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SmackDown II is coming!!!!

Save the dates and join us for the Saxophone SmackdownII! 

On February 10th and 11th, when you come to the Smackdown, you're going to enjoy the following:

-Free Breakfast
(including the famous Coffee)
-Free Lunch
(Oh Yes, Flaming Amy's is stand by...)
-Live Music
(Wally West Trio and The North Carolina saxophone Ensemble)
-Clinics from 4 of the most amazing innovators in our industry.
(Jerome Selmer, Jerry Chang, Theo Wanne, Jason DuMars)
-A facility tour of and it's unique Assembly-line ProShop.
-Product demonstrations.
(see the cool tools at!)
-Hang out with The SaxGourmet himself Steve Goodson.
-Hang out with Curt Altarac owner of
-Try instruments and mouthpieces.
-Be near and enjoy all things saxophone.


You will learn how saxophones are made by 2 people who make saxophones and are the leaders in our industry; Jerry Chang and Jerome Selmer. How to reface mouthpieces from Theo Wanne and how to Engrave Saxophones from Jason DuMars! It will be a party you will not soon forget. We're all going out for Dinner each night too.

Jason will have a table set up to engrave Saxophones on site (when he's not teaching a clinic) and Theo Wanne will be refacing mouthpieces for players, a service very few are able get from Theo. This is truly a rare opportunity!

Jason and Theo are scheduling times during the Smackdown in advance and those slots are filling up fast. So, if you would like to bring a horn or mouthpiece to have Jason or Theo do some work.

You don't need to be a NAPBIRT member to come and you need not be a technician to enjoy the 2 day event. Of course NAPBIRT members and technicians are welcome!

Register now, although the facility is huge, space is limited.