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Simple modifications to a Series III alto sax.

The Sax ProShop has sent out a bunch of really beautiful horns lately. I've been so busy fixing these horns that I've barely had time to tell anyone about them.

So here's my quick Monday morning post about a horn that we finished up last Friday; A Series III Alto Saxophone. This one happened to be solid silver and purchased at the factory.

The first simple Mod, that I suggest anyone repairing a Series III Alto consider, is intended to give the side keys a good feel for a long time. The problem with the side key (lever-key) contact is in the small nub on the pad side of the mechanism. This little nub started life perfectly cylindrical, was buffed and polished and ends up slightly conical due to the buffing. It's the perfect shape if you don't want material to stay on it. But of course, we do want material to stay on it and worse, we want super slick, Teflon shrink tubing to stay on there.

The quick and super-easy fix we implemented in the shop was to thread the little nub with a 3.0x.5 die. We chose a 3.0 die because the little stem was 3.0 to begin with and threading with the 3.0 didn't make an already thin part weaker.

I didn't take a "before pic" but you can image this same key without the threaded post. Here you see it's threaded and ready to accept Teflon shrink tubing.

Here you can see the same key with the tubing on it. Without the threading the tubing WOULD NOT stay on. With it, the tubing stays great.

The second simple mod that we did to this alto was to add some contact points to the side C and Bb as well as the top stack G key. These contacts are hard to see in my pictures but they give the side keys and the G a much more firm feel and the whole horn is way more consistent in feel overall.

Here is a small pillar that we added. The G key will contact that pillar and will never again bend toward the body. This is a very common problem on many Altos including the SeriesIII.

Here are the side C and Bb contact points before the keys are put on the horn. These contacts will give the keys a much more solid feel and keep the correct position forever.

On the Horn these contacts are barely visible.

We did do some other mods to this horn but sadly I forgot the pictures. There are 4 other Series III's in the shop now, a beautiful Martin Bari (that's getting a way better low Bb) a Yanagisawa Bari (that's getting a new octave mechanism and relocated pip) A Conn Tenor (that gets a new strap ring, contact points, a new thumb rest etc...) a Buescher Tenor (that gets are new lease on life) and a BUNCH of other horns with cool mods. So, I'll make it up to you with good pictures of some of these other horns.

If you want to have your horn overhauled and/or improved, contact me and we'll set it up!