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Silver Bueschers at the ProShop

So this morning, Kellie came into my office asking me if I had any idea how many Silver Bueschers we were working on. I hadn't thought about it but we do have a number of them right now.

So we lined them (just the silver ones we're actually overhauling) up and took a snap shop. Here are the horns we're working on this week and some of the modifications we are doing to them.

Another reason that the Sax ProShop is the best place to take your Buescher for a thorough overhaul!

From Left to Right...

Buescher TT Soprano
Low Bb extended touch
Neck brace
Aristocrat style G# touch,
Pearls removed, silver plated
Low Eb cage, silver plated
Front F added, silver plated

Buescher Aristocrat Alto:
New Silver plate gold in bell.
Adjustable arms added to low C# lever
Side key contacts.
SuperSlickSetup LH table.
Extended bis pearl
Side Bb guide

Buescher Aristocrat Alto
Side key contact on High E and side C
Guide under side Bb
SuperSlickSetup LH pinky cluster
Octave square removed
Palm key risers
All side key locations altered
Reshape Alt F# touch

Buescher True Tone Tenor
Extended bis pearl.
Low Bb Extended touch
Rectangular G# touch with tab to B only.
Adjustable thumb hook
Custom "SuperMan" strap ring.
Side key contacts
Half guide on side Bb.
Front F mechanism added.
Convex pearls in front F and alt. F#

Buescher Aristocrat 'Big B' Baritone.
Added X brace between bell and body.
Temporary G# tabs.
Extended palm Eb touch
Guide added to side Bb .
Extended bis pearl
Side key contacts
Convex pearls in front F and alt F#
Side Bb guide

That's what we're doing this week....

Greetings from the Sax ProShop.