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Did you know that now offers other shipping options you can select directly from our site? As always, we offer free shipping to the US and Canada which is fast and reliable but now you can select a different method to match your specific needs!

If you need an order expedited or you need tracking you can choose from the methods in the shopping cart. Now, it's up to you and you choose directly from the site.

For international orders, using USPS first class does not provide tracking after the package leaves the US. Now you have the option to select Priority Mail which will provide a delivery confirmation and show us when your order is in customs. Priority mail can save over 3 to 5 business days during shipping.

For domestic orders you will receive a tracking number with both first class and priority mail although tracking is limited with first class mail. If you choose UPS, you get the the great online, real time UPS tracking and guaranteed delivery times. In some places UPS or USPS Priority mail is a more reliable and faster service than USPS first class, no matter why you choose your shipping, now you can choose. is constantly working hard to improve and increase our shipping options. We understand that sometimes you have a repair job to complete and time is a factor, or maybe you just need to know the status of the order and want the service or tracking. Of course free is also great and sometimes you would prefer to just save a few dollars.

We are looking into to more options to provide in the near future. We invite you to grow with us and embrace these new changes in our company! After all, if it was not for you, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Use this cool chart to see what options you have!


Note: please call or Email us if you choose expedited shipping. This will insure that we rush your package to avoid delays.