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Selmer MKVI octave level

When a part breaks or arrives broken we are given a choice. Replace it with an original style part (AKA, create a part that looks and functions like an original) or replace it with an improved part or design.

Here's a cool repair that came from the shop today. One of the rounded parts that fits on the end of the MKVI octave level came in broken. Rather than replace it with the original type Matt put an expanding Teflon fitting on the end of the key rocker arm.

This part works super slick with no lost motion or noise. You see, the Teflon ball fits in the socket without friction or lost space. In reality the Teflon ball is little larger than the hole in the key but it's so slick that it allows for a smooth slide.

Here you see the machined Teflon ball on the end of the mechanism. The ball has a hole in it. There is a screw with a head going through the ball and the inside of the key arm is threaded to accept that screw. When the screw is tightened, the Teflon ball is made to expand and it fits perfect. Note that the left side is not modified. The blue stuff is something we use to fill gaps in the mechanism. It's somewhat temporary and unnecessary on the Teflon side.

Here you can see the mechanism put together. The left side is modified and the right is not.

Here is the slot in the screw. The slot looks like the slot in the original part and the modification is invisible.
Nice job Matt!

FYI, I have a bunch more pictures of this horn and a bunch of vintage horns that we are working on in the repair shop on myFaceBook Page. Friend me!