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Saxophone repair kit feedback.

I just got some great feedback on our Sax repair kit. I would like to share it with you all.


I wanted to send a quick thanks to you and MusicMedic for making repair supplies available to the every day musician. I was able to repad and properly adjust my Mark VI tenor with Precision pads while using the sax repair kit and various materials obtained from MusicMedic. The horn sings with the Mark VI magic like never before after the repad and balanced venting method as you describe. While removing old pads, I was disgusted to see that various "good" repairmen over the years secured and leveled pads with hot melt glue and what looked like Micro pad cement. I used amber stick shellac exclusively and the results are fabulous. The horn now vibrates and responds effortless and is even from top to bottom. The leak light alone is worth it's weight in gold. Many barely visible leaks were corrected during repad using this light. Some local shops won't even sell a single clarinet pad without insisting that they do the work. Thanks again for providing materials and know-how for all skill levels of repair at a great price.