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Dorsey Alto 286xx

The Sax Proshop is excited to Uberhaul this beautiful 1939 Selmer "Dorsey" model alto.  For those of you who don't know, this is a very rare Selmer. The body tube is all Balanced Action, while the bell is from the earlier Radio Improved models, including retro-fit left hand table and bell to body brace.

Dorsey IMG_0550

The classical Balanced Action floral engraving is beautiful.  It's pretty clear that this horn was re-lacquered as the engraving is not as sharp as it would have originally been, but it looks like a very old, well done re-lacquer.

Dorsey IMG_0551

Another sign that this is a second series Dorsey model is the sheet metal Low B/Bb key guard with adjustable bumpers, which is soldered over the wire guard.  Apparently the first run was only a wire guard, much like a Radio Improved or earlier Selmer.


Dorsey IMG_0554 The second run of the Dorsey models placed the portrait engraving of a sailboat in the front center of the bell as seen below.

Dorsey IMG_0552

The retro-fit Radio Improved left hand table is shown here.  It is said that Dorsey's sax players preferred this system to the newer Balanced Action left hand table.Dorsey IMG_0555