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Saxgourmet VooDoo Rex Alto

The Saxgourmet Voodoo Rex series of saxophones are designed with a SOLID 100% copper body, bell, bow, and neck for the saxophonist who wants a darker, richer tone with plenty of lower partials. The copper utilized in the Voodoo Rex undergoes a special proprietary treatment during manufacture which produces a metal that is not only strong and dent resistant but also is wonderfully resonant with a very full and even timbre throughout the range. The important features of the Voodoo Rex series include: rolled tone holes, a big bell, a large bore taper, and a Saxgourmet neck with a built-in neck enhancer and nodal weights on one neck. The neck enhancer evens the timbre between 1st and 2nd octave voicings and facilitates the altissimo range. The Voodoo Rex is equipped with a special automatic mechanism with an additional tone hole that brings the top notes above C3 into perfect pitch.


The keywork has all been designed with careful attention to ergonomics and playability. Particular attention was paid to the placement and height of the palm keys and the chromatic side keys. The front F and high F# key touch have been enlarged and are much easier to reach, and you won’t have to stretch your little fingers to reach the low C and low Bb.

The Voodoo Rex is elaborately and extensively hand-engraved and clear coated with epoxy to prevent tarnishing. The key touch pearls are genuine deep water abalone, and the Saxgourmet pads are black kangaroo leather with Copper Maestro Airtight Resonators from The three ring strap hook and the oversized Saxgourmet right thumb rest make the Voodoo Rex comfortable to hold and play. Comes in a super premium Saxgourmet contour case.