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Saxgourmet VooDoo Master Alto

Saxgourmet's new Voodoo Master Alto saxophones really are different, and it’s a difference you can easily see, feel, and hear.


First, they use Rose Brass for the body, bell, bow, and neck, not regular brass. Rose brass has a broader harmonic spectrum when it resonates, giving a richer sound you can hear. The neck, bell, body, and bow are all hand hammered and then burnished into shape to avoid stressing the metal. All of the keywork is forged, not stamped. Forged keywork does not bend. The keywork is attached to the body using ribs. Ribs are more expensive to manufacture, but are much stronger and help preserve critical alignment. You'll notice that the springs are top quality blued steel needle springs, and that the key touch pearls are genuine deep water abalone. Oval abalone key touches are used for G# and chromatic F#. The key felt used is top quality woven wool, not pressed felt. The upper and thumbrests are both metal, and the lower thumbrest is adjustable and features Saxgourmet's exclusive extended design to fully support the final digit of the thumb. The strap hook has three individual rings to allow great flexibility in playing posture.The pads are top quality sheepskin over firm woven felt. Oversized metal resonators permanently installed with a through rivet are used on all pads.

The forged keywork of the Voodoo Master has adjusting screws for easy regulation of low C#, G#, Bb, and high F. Low Bb, B, C, and Eb all have fully screw adjustable felt bumpers for precise adjustment. The G#/C#/B/Bb cluster is fully articulated. The palm keys are asymmetrically mounted for playing comfort. The teardrop shaped front F key is easily reached without raising the index finger and the bis pearl is convex rather than concave for your playing comfort. All keywork is hand fit to guarantee maximum performance and minimal lost motion.The bore of the Voodoo Master is medium large, with a separate and unique taper for the neck, body, bow and bell. The bell flare is large to maximize projection. The taper and tone hole placement and sizing are unique to the Voodoo Master and are not shared by any other saxophone. All tone holes are carefully drawn then leveled with diamond files to assure leak free construction.

Each Voodoo Master is beautifully copper plated with a “bright new penny look” finish, and then extensively and elaborately hand engraved on the neck, body tube, bow, bell, bell flare, and all key cups. A clear coat is applied to assure long lasting beauty. The sound of the Voodoo Master must be heard and experienced to be fully appreciated. It is considerably richer, more complex, and slightly darker than the sound of other saxophones at this price point.