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Antigua Pro-One Alto

The Antigua Pro-One combines the best traditional features with Peter Ponzol's newest ideas to create the true 21st century saxophones.

The alto saxophone redefined for the modern player.

Ponzol Neck Design
The heart and soul of the new Antiqua Pro-One is the Peter Ponzol neck design. This new neck is free-blowing, has lightning quick response, precise intonation and rich tone quality. Antiqua Pro-One necks are designed and built to meet the strict standards set forth by peter Ponzol.

Vintage Reserve Alloy Body
Antiqua Pro-One saxophones are crafted from a special vintage brass alloy material. It’s generally regarded that the metallurgy of post-war French saxophones gives them a certain tone character that sounds “right.” Antiqua uses only the highest quality refined ores to create the purest allows available and their engineering team created an annealing process that emulated the acoustical properties of a fine vintage instrument. Vintage Reserve allow promotes quick and accurate response, wide dynatic range, and centered, well-focused tone. As a result, the new Antigua Pro-One saxophones are at home in any genre or musical setting.

Hybrid Rolled Tone Holes
The Antigua Pro-One is revolutionary and unique as it is the first hybrid rolled tone hole saxophone. The Pro-One has rolled tone holes for the bell keys and straight drawn tone holes in all other areas to provide a solid core to the sound with even resistance for the player. The rolled tone holes provide a larger contact area for the pads to seal and add need strength where it matters most. The provides faster, more nimble response from the low notes and a deep rich tone.

Patent-Pending Trident Key Arms
Double key arms add strength to the low B, Bb and C keys. The Pro-One design carries this feature 2 steps further with the revolutionary Ponzol Trident adjustable arms. This new design, exclusive to the Antigua Pro-One, improved radial rigidity and features 2 adjustment arms to set and balance these critical keys. The difference this new design makes is truly amazing.

Hybrid Bell Diameter
There is a lot of mystique and marketing speak surrounding the bell diameter of the saxophone. This lead our design team, headed by Peter Ponzol to seek to quantify the role of the saxophone bell, remove the mystique and answer the question “what is the best bell size for saxophones?” Our research lead us to the optimum bell diameter and shape to obtain the best control, response and projection.

Ergonomic Keyboard
An extensive ergonomic study of the saxophone keyboard was conducted by the Antigua Pro-One design team. The purpose of the study was to refine the positions and placement of the keys, making the Pro-One work with the player, making it easier to play fast and difficult passages and promote better feel.

F to F# Bridge Key
We added a bridge arm to the F key of the Antigua Pro-One to facilitate faster action and response in the right hand key section. The Pro-One is designed to have the best feel and response.