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Theo Wanne MANTRA Tenor

The Theo Wanne MANTRA saxophone is the most advanced saxophone available, using the highest technology in the industry and integrating over 30 innovations and features.

The MANTRA neck is a quantum leap forward in neck design! Besides its completely new taper and shape, the brace and octave key are fully isolated from the neck tube. The neck is totally free to resonate. Furthermore, the octave key rides on cartridge ball bearings completely isolating it from the neck tube and brace.

The bell-to-body brace has four fully captured points of contact with the body. It is far stronger than a traditional brace while allowing for previously unheard of vibrational freedom.

The low C and B/Bb key-guard felts are in-line with the key arms. The key cups do not twist like on other saxophones, or dampen vibration by having extra arms soldered to the key cup.

The reticulated finish, which is also inside the saxophone, creates a boundary layer of air like the dimpled surface of a golf ball or like sharkskin does with water. As a result, the airstream travels freer through the saxophone!

The Sax ProShop, in conjunction with Theo Wanne, are completing assembly and set-up on new MANTRA Tenor Saxophones. Using techniques from our Uberhaul process, the ProShop tightens keywork, fits and matches necks, and provides custom pad sets made by our in house PadCompany, that are unique to Theo Wanne horns. Horns are finished to the exacting ProShop standards, and play tested for feel, tone, playability and response. The Innovative Theo Wanne horn design, matched with the technical abilities of the Sax ProShop, results in a playing experience second to none.