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Saxgourmet Super 400 Tenor

All other saxophones, past and present, are now obsolete. This unique instrument is the culmination of years of research, prototyping, and study.


The key to the complex sound and rich mix of overtones is the proprietary Rose Brass alloy used in the body, bell, bow, and necks. Years of experiments were conducted in order to determine the correct ratio of copper to zinc. Too much zinc makes the tone bright and shrill. Too much copper makes the tone excessively dark and the instrument unresponsive. The alloy we finally settled on optimizes tonal complexity and overall response. The Super 400 has keywork to high G. The low C, low B, and low Bb all have double arms to prevent leaks. The G# mechanism is of our proven “never stick” design which incorporates an extra spring to totally eliminate sticking. The lower stack has a screw adjustable F# helper arm to assure leak proof operation. The upper stack utilizes our exclusive speaker key (which has no moving parts or additional springs) for flawless intonation and even voicing throughout the upper register.

Both main stacks are fully screw adjustable for easy owner maintenance and reduced upkeep costs. The unique pads and resonators used on the Super 400 are made specifically for this instrument by MusicMedic. The pads are black AAA grade kangaroo leather with woven 100% wool felt and a firm chipboard back. The pads have a Rockwell hardness of 55, as opposed to a usual saxophone pad’s Rockwell hardness of 40. The resonators are 100% solid copper Maestro air tight style, and are permanently installed on the pads with a through rivet.