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Château Black Lacquer Tenor

This tenor has a unique appearance with Black Lacquer on both the body and keys. The body is constructed of red brass, with a %85 copper content. The posts are fixed to ribs which are then attached the body, for added strength.


This tenor is for sale for $2200, including shipping and a set-up at the Sax ProShop.

It features a tear-drop shaped Front F with an adjustment slider, a high F# key, and a tilting Bb spatula as well as Mother of Pearl key touches.

There are elaborate additional engravings on the body tube, the bell flare, the bow, and the neck.

The horn has blued needle springs and an adjustable thumb hook installed. Back bar adjustment screws can be found on the top and bottom stack and there are adjustment screws on the low B to C# and the F# to G#/Bis Bb.

For this tenor, Chateau went with water-resistant tan pads and riveted domed metal resonators.

The horn comes in a ProTec Style case with a padded neck strap and a plastic mouthpiece with black lacquered ligature.