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Sax ProShop Uberhaul Mini-Series

Our policy at has always been to be open and share information with technicians and players. We place a great deal of importance on education, and I'm personally very excited to share our methods in the Sax ProShop with our readers. As you may know, the Sax ProShop is the world's only assembly-line style professional saxophone overhaul shop and home of the Uberhaul. The Uberhaul is divided into stations which are each done by a specialist technician who uses a checklist to complete each task. Doing work in assembly-line style force is the process to become streamlined. By following this process and the series, you will gain a more streamlined approach to your own repairs. If you don't currently do repairs, this series will simply familiarise you with an efficient way of completing an overhaul.

Beginning with this edition of Bench Notes, we will continue the Sax ProShop Uberhaul series by sending a new episode as soon as we can until you've learned about every station in the line. In each episode, you'll receive a copy of the checklist for the featured station, along with a description about the work that is being accomplished and the tools we're using to do it.

Episode 1: Quoting Station

Episode 2: Body Work Station

Episode 3: Keywork Station

Episode 4: Tone Hole Station

Episode 5: Materials

Episode 6: Cleaning and Polishing Station

Episode 7: Dry Fitting

Episode 8: Pad Leveling

Episode 9: Set Up Station