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NeoBass Issues (Post 3)

I’m not really ready to give a good update on this beast of a saxophone, but things are moving fast. I got home with the Bass and started playing it. My first impression was right, the body tube is basically workable. There are a couple of tone holes on this instrument that I believe will have to be moved and re-sized. Since we’re planning on silver plating this with a satin finish, I think it’s OK to solder on a couple of tone holes if necessary.

Mechanically, there are a lot of problems with the horn. There is a huge number of changes that I will need to make to the key work to get this instrument to feel really good in the hands. However, these things are secondary to the bigger and more difficult problem. The main issue I’m having with the instrument is the bore at about the last 12-15 inches and some of the tone holes that correspond to them. That is, I believe the bore is incorrect and someone has adjusted the palm key tone holes to this incorrect bore. If I fix the problem in the bore, which will result in better octaves and a bigger, more even sound, the palm key notes will go really flat.

Of course, as I do this, I’m wondering if I should just take these changes back to the factory and have them corrected earlier. But I’m assuming that, due to the low volume I will be buying in, making these changes at the factory will be even more difficult than just fixing them here in the good ‘ole USA.

More later!