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Sax ProShop Course Participants

Eduardo was our first ever UberCourse participant. Joining us in late July and Early August, he brought with him one of our hardest Uberhaul horns, but we were up for the challenge, as was Eduardo. Here are some shots from his course:

 "The UberHaul Course, has been my best training experience. I learned lots of awesome tricks for making my work  with saxophones better, but the most important is how Curt showed me the right way to work fast and well, the organization of the workshop and why the steps they have are the best way. Curt and the ProShop Guys are awesome and amazing teachers, and the course was incredible" -Eduardo Caicedo, Columbia, South America


Go and Daniel joined us all the way from South Korea for their UberCourses. Armed with determination they came out of the course with some really lovely UberHauled horns.

Sylvia came to us all the way from The Netherlands!