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Tone Holes Checklist

To download a PDF copy of the Tone Holes Checklist, click here: Tone Holes Checklist

Tone Holes Checklist

Saxophone:                                     Init:

  • Sight Body for Keywork damage
  • Check each tone hole for imperfections in rim
    • None
    • Send for repair
  • Check for roundess
    • No problem
    • Send for repair, or use tone hole/pad cup pliers to round out
  • Check tone holes for gross imperfections in level
    • No problems
    • Send to body work for gross imperfection
  • Sight body for post damage
  • Level tone holes
    • Largest to smallest
    • Select largest pilot to comfortably fit tone hole
    • Attach pilot to largest file to fit in area
    • Apply key oil to file to prevent burring
    • Using power drill on LOW speed, carefully file tone hole for 15-30 seconds
    • Remove file, wipe tone hole rim with towel, inspect for level (Continue filing if unlevel, if level, de-burr)
  • Deburr
    • Inside
    • Outside
    • Carefully surface/face tone hole with diamond file


  • Check all tone holes for level in a dark room