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Restoration & Plating

Restoration & Plating


Finally, there is a restoration procedure that truly restores! By integrating plating prep and mechanical restoration, the Sax ProShop has developed a new technique for restoring and refinishing saxophones. There are two services available:
Silver Uberhaul: The replating is done in conjunction with your Uberhaul. It includes all of the same goodness of the Uberhaul, and it will look better than ever with a satin silver finish and gold wash in the bell.
Technician's Replate Special: We return the instrument to you replated and with Uberhaul-quality work done through the dry fitting. This means that all the dents will be removed, the keys fit, tone holes leveled, re-engraving, you name it. Everything included in a regular Uberhaul, except you install the pads, springs, and materials, and set-up the horn yourself. Let us do the hard part and you can get the credit.
Why We Do Replates Better

In this industry, it is normal to repair saxophones mechanically, and then buff, sandblast, engrave, and plate them. So basically, a horn gets repaired, damaged, and then plated. It will look fantastic, but not be functional anymore.

Because the Sax ProShop works in an assembly line style, we can choose to do or leave out various jobs along the way. We can also add in the steps of the plating procedure. After a lot of research and hard work, we developed a practical process to get the repair and the plating done together. The body of the instrument never gets buffed at all. Once all of the body work and key work is complete, a few select spots, such and the strap ring, thumb hook, inside of bell, and body bands, will be buffed to have smooth silver highlights. The bell gets sent out for re-engraving. Once it returns, the engraving and smooth highlights will be masked, the post faces will be protected with our specially designed jigs, and then the body will be given a classic satin finish with our proprietary blend of media. The media does not remove metal from the body: it simply changes the surface of it. At this point, the tone holes are leveled and the instrument is cleaned and ready for plating. With every single bit of work done carefully and meticulously already, the ONLY thing that happens at the plater is the actual application of silver to the keys, neck, and body. The keys and posts are fitted with jigs so that no silver gets into the hinge tubes of the keys, or the insides and faces of posts. Everything comes back fitting exactly as it did when it was sent out, and it is ready to be reassembled.

This is a service we believe is not available anywhere else. It is the only refinishing service that extends the life of an instrument rather than reducing it. And the best thing is that it's available to players and technicians alike!

Players, is there anything better than showing off all of your hard work on an instrument that is not only meticulously set up with the highest possible workmanship, but also glistens in silver and gold in the lights at your next concert? Let us know if you're interested in a replate along with your Uberhaul and you will be provided a quote with all of the options once your horn gets into the shop.

Technicians, can you imagine the worry-free goodness of sending out a horn to be replated and knowing it's going to come back to you with everything fitting better than new? Straight body, keys that fit, aligned posts, level tone holes. When the horn gets returned to you, you need only add materials, install the pads, and set up the instrument. No bending, no fixing, no marring the beautiful new finish. We even provide you a list of the materials to be put on the keys and the sizes of pads to be installed.

More than 42 hours of work are included in the Technician's Replate Special, starting at $2100. When the instrument arrives, it will be disassembled, inspected, and quoted. Modifications can also be added to the deal to offer your customer even more options. If you are interested in either service, contact Matt at for more details.
The Process:
Remove Springs
Strip Lacquer
Level Pad Cups
Cut Buff Keys
Straighten Body
Remove Dents
Add Modifications (if desired)
Remove Bell
Cut & Color Buff Bell & Smooth Highlights
Mask Smooth Highlights
Send Bell To Engraver (2 Weeks Turnaround)
Align Posts/Straighten Keys
Reattach Bell
Remove Old Pearls & Fit New Pearls
Key Fitting
Add Materials
Dry Fitting
Color Buff Keys, Degrease, Test Fit
Mask Engraving, Bell, and Smooth Highlights
Final Test Fit
Level Tone Holes
Pack Body & Keys for Plating
Send to Plater (2 Weeks Turnaround)
Unpack and Check
Install New Pearls
Install Springs
Pack and Ship Back for Technician's Replate Special
Continue with Materials, Padding, Set-Up, and Tuning and Toning for Silver Uberhauls