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Tom's MKVI Tenor

We met Tom at the Navy Band Saxophone Symposium, at which time he decided to send his tenor back with us for an Uberhaul! In addition to the Uberhaul, Tom opted for several upgrades and modifications. We will be upgrading some of the standard Mark VI issues, such as replacing the side key ball joints with forked arms, and installing an adjustment screw for Low B to C#. Tom also chose to replace all of the springs with our gold-plated steel needle springs, replace all of the pearl holders and pearls (they were getting pretty worn!), add side key contacts, a Teflon ball octave mechanism, and adjustment screws for each of the stacks. We also gave Tom the option to remove the mic pick-up on the neck. With a little polishing, tinting, and lacquering, you'll never know it was there!