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Adolphe Sax #36-Developing a Plan

adolphsaxgroup1There is a lot that we can do with this project and a lot of ways to go. Certainly, the guys at the Sax ProShop would love to make a kill'in A-Sax with fast action and all the comforts we're used to. However, it would also be exciting to find out what Adolphe Sax loved about this instrument and try to recreate that time in history. But this sax has another history that we feel is possibly more important than the maker and certainly more important than our desire to make it a race car.

adolphsaxengraving1There is the moment that Buescher picked it up (we're not sure where or when) and decided that this would be an excellent instrument to make at the company where he worked. He must have played it and loved it. Later the instrument was given to Mr. Rascher. When Mr. Rascher got the horn in his hands, was that the same instrument that Buescher picked out or had Buescher done some work to the instrument to improve it? Specifically, we're talking about the tone holes, the posts, and the neck. These are the areas that seem to be deliberately modified. These are the main areas that we could choose to improve, restore, or restore to a point in history.


Coming together as a team in the ProShop, we've decided to restore this instrument to the time when Buescher gave it to Rascher. We're going to make this an instrument that plays well and plays like it did when Buescher had it. With that in mind, we've started to remove the parts that are damaged and making plans to repair them.