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Extended Low Bb Touch

Many vintage instruments force the player to "reach down" for the low Bb. This awkward design makes playing from B to Bb difficult at best and impossible to do quickly. There are many ways to make low Bb easier to reach, and we'll work with you to design a touchpiece that suits your playing style and your hands. Rollers can be added to any of these keys to facilitate quick and comfortable movement around the LH pinky cluster.


We'll fabricate new low B and Bb touches. The low B will have 2 side by side rollers and the low Bb will get an extension with additional rollers. Before
Completed left hand table! This will make getting around the table much easier. After

We fabricated new Low B and Bb touches to Walt's Yanagisawa Strait Soprano.   Rollers were added to move between both B to Bb and C# to Bb easily.










Below we also extended the Bb touchpiece on Dr. Peterkin's Buescher True Tone Soprano.   Even though the previous touchpiece had a roller, it was still very diffcult to reach. The new modification was then gold plated to match the rest of the instrument.

The Low Bb key is going to be modified with an extended Low Bb touchpiece. Before
The Low Bb touchpiece has been extended and gold plated. After














Jake was also unhappy with the location of his Bb touchpiece, but chose to completely redesign the Left Hand table on his Buescher Aristocrat Soprano.

The old LH pinky table was difficult to use. The old LH table
Newly Redesigned LH Table Newly Redesigned LH Table