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Is the ProShop Closing? Dispelling the Rumors ...


There have been many exciting projects going on at the Sax ProShop lately and this has caused some wild rumors in the Music Industry!

As you may know, is like three businesses in one that all work together to continually improve all aspects of woodwind instrument repair. These business are: Repair Tools and Supplies, The Pad Company, and The Sax ProShop. They research, design, and fabricate many tools in the Sax ProShop that later become available through the website. The technicians also design and test new pads at the Sax ProShop, like the new EXTREME RooPads, that then get made at The Pad Company and added to the website. In this way, the three arms of the company are in constant communication and collaboration.

That only skims the surface of what happens in the Sax ProShop, however. As the world's only professional assembly line style saxophone repair shop, they established themselves at the forefront of saxophone intonation and tone work, pioneering techniques that are now considered industry standard for professional saxophone repair. Starting with anything from an early Adolphe Sax horn through instruments that are brand new, severely abused or unscathed, the Sax ProShop transforms saxophones into better than from the factory, in tune, and highly serviceable machines. Due to the demand for this level of work, they continue to have a wait list for their overhaul, the Uberhaul, as they serve professional players from around the nation and world.

There have been some rumors lately, since the wait list has grown a little longer, that the Sax ProShop isn't taking any more repairs. They most certainly are, and there will be a wait, but it's for a good reason! The Sax ProShop has begun pursuing the lifelong dream of founder Curt Altarac to build a saxophone. This project does not take any aspect of design for granted. They started from scratch, beginning by testing different bore sizes and shapes, and variations in materials and thicknesses. With those results, they have begun to add tone holes to the bore, experimenting with placement, size, and height.

The shop's goal is to have complete control over intonation and tone, as they design an instrument that has lightning-fast and quiet keywork, great intonation, and offers several specific tonal palettes to please different types of players. They already have a solid grasp on the mechanical aspects and controlling intonation through the past decade of work at the Sax ProShop, but there remain some unknown factors about controlling the tone a saxophone produces that they have been experimenting with. One of the best aspects of this process is that all of their specialized technicians play and repair saxophones, and as they work toward making them, each technician brings their intimate understanding of the instrument to the table.

At this point, the Sax ProShop is eagerly waiting on some large pieces of equipment to arrive to aid in the tone experiments and are simultaneously doing the same great Uberhauls and repairs that they've always done. If you're looking to get some work done, call or send an email to schedule. Be prepared to be a little patient and also be prepared to love your Uberhauled saxophone more than you thought possible!

The team can't wait to share every step of the process with you as they work toward designing their saxophone. The Sax ProShop continues to make strides in a multitude of manners, as the masterful and thoughtful technicians collaborate to build a unique saxophone and bring creativity and ingenuity back to saxophone manufacturing!